Christmas-time is no time to talk about divorce!

Hey dolls! I’m so out of my mind right now. I am multi-tasking: cooking, studying, listening to music, blogging, texting…I mean, it’s crazy. What I am really doing is slacking off. My International Tax final is going to definitely kick my butt cause I don’t know anything and it’s pretty laborious trying to study this stuff. So I look for any excuse to take a time out… I have absolutely nothing new and interesting to say about divorce, so I am just making stuff up as I go along. I do think that Christmas is the very worse time to think or talk or ask for a divorce. December decidedly should not be a month where anyone files a divorce petition. Don’t tell that to Kim Kardashian.
I love the month of December! It’s pretty hard to get me down in December; and it’s almost like people try extra hard around this time of year to mess with me, to steal my joy. But it’s tough to get me down in December. What a great time of year, this month is, eh? I’m listening to Christmas music as I blog….I have to say, nobody does Christmas quite like the folks in San Antonio, Texas. If you haven’t been here in December, please come just to see the lights! OMG. It’s incredible. I have never been anywhere in the entire world that does such a magical job as they do in San Antonio. The Riverwalk, have you heard of this place? You must see it at Christmastime. It’s a nice vacation for families, I think. It could bring back the magic in your marriage, even. It’s so nice! It’s magical. Really. I am wrapping up my time here in San Antonio but I think I will always remember this December for a really long time. I’ve just never seen anything like this. Seriously. 
Um…so where am I with this post….Oh, I was saying you just can’t talk about divorce in December. It’s just wrong! Please just focus on staying married and working through it if at all possible.
Okay. That’s it. I gotta go study. I am trying to understand the “effectively connected principle” of income items and how they relate to a U.S. Trade or business and then I have to figure out the tax ramifications of that and it’s like, oh god help. WT_ are these people talking about???????????????? Ya know?