Herman Cain withdraws from presidential race amid extra-marital affair scandals

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has thrown in the towel, apparently. The Don Juan of the family values party has apparently given up after the latest allegation by a woman named Ginger White surfaced, accusing him of a long time affair with said Ms. White. He also is accused of giving her lots of cash and stuff and that was evidently too much strain on the campaign. So he called it quits I was just reading…I mean, I haven’t been following this race whatsoever as I have zero interest in  politics and what the Republicans are doing. But I did see a couple of clips, like when he couldn’t remember what or who was “Libya” and I just thought it was wildly hilarious. But the women? Wow. He’s pretty bare-faced, isn’t he to have launched a campaign if he knew he had this many skeletons in his closet. What was this guy thinking, quite seriously? I just hope his marriage can survive this. I mean, his wife was probably not totally oblivious but she was willing to look the  other way when the entire world didn’t know about it. Now that the entire world knows about it, now that he’s rocked the boat like this by subjecting her to public ridicule and mockery, I don’t know if the marriage can survive. She will probably ask for a divorce by the end of 2012. I would not be surprised. Boy. So I guess that means that he did in fact sexually harass those women who accused him of such?  Does he think he’s Bill Clinton or something? I mean, first of all, Bill Clinton was a Democrat so he wasn’t exactly running on a “family values” ticket. Second of all, there’s only one Bill Clinton. He’s a big, bubba and it’s just easy to forgive him for some reason. You just look at him, and you think, “you bad boy” but you forgive him. Because he’s endearing somehow. Very few men are like that when they cheat. Herman Cain certainly doesn’t have that quality of being a big bubba. There’s no way he was going to get away with that. Plus, he’s running as a Republican? He’s a black man running as a Republican and then he has all this ammunition he hands over to prospective conservative  Republican voters of why they shouldn’t vote for him? He makes it that easy for them to not vote for him by having this much of a scandalous past? That is totally incomprehensible. Why did he get into this race in the first place with a biography like that? It makes no sense.