Is Demi Moore dating a new man???

I have to hand it to these celebrities. They don’t waste time getting over a man. As soon as its over, it’s like, NEXT! And you see them hooking up within days with someone new. How do they do that?! It potentially can take me a decade to feel brave enough to give another guy a chance after a particularly awful break up. It’s like, “omg, I can’t live, I can’t survive, I can’t breathe without you!” LOL. But I’m not even kidding. Been there. 🙂 So, I can’t understand how do these women in Hollywood just move on so quickly and look like it’s nothing, like the marriage never even happened, like they never even really cared? Didn’t they care??? I mean, I think it’s good in a way because it’s unhealthy spending years moping around and stuck in this place of distrust and fear where you just stop living and you just give up on “the species.” It’s unhealthy to care too much; and that’s always been my problem. (For 2012, as a matter of fact, I resolve to stop caring!) So it’s not like I’m expecting these Hollywood actresses to do what I do. But at the same time, the speedy gonzales way in which these women move to the next (think J.Lo, Courtney Cox, Madonna, and others) guy is slightly disconcerting, I think. It’s like they are trying to numb the pain by using another man as medicine. But I have been told that is not good. It’s better to feel the pain, experience the pain, move into the pain, live the pain. Then once you no longer feel pain (assuming that ever happens) then you can start seeing someone else. But not in Hollywood. They immediately replace them. Demi is dating some skin care exec according to Radaronline. The man’s name is Scott-Vincent. He is clearly a rebound situation. But Radaronline claims he’s “in love” with Demi.
Whatever. Hopefully she won’t rush into marriage with him the way she did with Ashton….I’m secretly hoping that she and Bruce will get back together someday. I always felt that Bruce loved her more than she loved him. She doesn’t seem to understand that that is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Those are the marriages and relationships that stand the test of time. When the man loves the woman more than the woman loves the man. Demi better wake up and smell the coffee before she makes another Ashtonesque mistake.