Tiger Wins! Yes!

I am taking a short little break from studying to report that golf phenom(?) Tiger Woods has won his first tournament in 2 years! I was so excited for him, I got a little bit teary. I am rooting for him because I feel badly for him, you know. I think he realizes he messed up royally and what he did with his marriage was so wrong. But he paid big time, and he suffered. But he didn’t quit. He didn’t give up. He kept playing through all the humiliating losses. He was determined to make a comeback. It was the Chevron Classic, I think, not exactly the biggest purse or anything but it was a win. You should see his face. It made me laugh, and then I got teary. I was happy for him. Go Tiger! And please, if you ever get married again, please don’t phock up the way you did with Elin. Okay, little brother? Love you! Good for you!!! 🙂
Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keithallison/2310256007/sizes/m/in/photostream/