Cats and Dogs: Can cat people and dog people live happily ever after?

Bonsoir, readers….I just returned home after braving the blustering winds and bone chilling cold outside (so much for the balmly Christmas of the American Southwest) and I realized I had not posted on the blog all day. That’s not acceptable, is it? So I thought I’d talk about cat people and dog people. I was just reading on Yahoo that there are definite differences in these two camps. Dog people are more extroverted than cat people. Cat people are more likely to have graduate degrees than dog people….
I’ve never had a dog. I’ve had a cat. He was my beloved, darling baby. I felt like I gave birth to him, actually. But am I a “cat” person? I don’t know. I can be afraid of other people’s cats. I only like my own…I am not a dog person either. Although Golden Retrievers think I”m pretty hot. They are always slobbering all over me….
But, yea, this was in interesting article on Yahoo. I started to think of it as a blog post. Do cat people and dog people marry well? Or is it a recipe for disaster? I remember when my cat was alive I used to make dating decisions based on how the man reacted to him. If he didn’t like cats, I didn’t bother getting to know him because my cat and I were a package. If you don’t like my cat, you don’t like me. That’s how I felt about it. I remember this one time I brought a guy home, and my cat just went ape shit. I don’t know what it was but as soon as we came through the door the cat started snarling and he lounged at this guy and he literally scratched this guy. This guy, who turned out to have a volcanic temper (and so I had to unleash him rather quickly it turns out because I was literally afraid he was a potential abuser) was terrified of cats. You should have seen how he doubled up and called for his mommy when my cat went at him. I was very mad at the cat at that time, but later once I found out that this guy was a dog, I was actually quite sorry the cat hadn’t done more damage…
Anyhoo, dog people and cat people…marriage…I don’t know. Can this marriage last? I think this could be an issue. People who don’t like cats are going to complain about all the cat hair all over the place and the litter box is never going to be fresh enough for them; and they will insist on you getting the cat declawed so that they don’t ruin the furniture and they will insist that the cat pooped in their shoes on purpose and they can really hate your cat and accidentally let the cat out when you go to work, or drop your cat out the window (seriously, I’ve known this to happen.)
Dog people on the other hand will not understand that you don’t want that 200 pound animal sleeping in your bed. They won’t understand that the constant barking at all hours of the night is annoying. And your walking to dog at all hours of the night could be problematic. Who are you going to meet while you are out under the guise of getting the dog some poop time?
It’s a really delicate balance. I don’t think it will always work. It really depends on how strongly the two people identify with their pet….funny how I”m talking about this. Just this afternoon I wrote a note in my I-phone that I am ready for another cat. Isn’t that funny? I haven’t been ready for nearly a year and a half. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I want another cat….I think it means I’m going to get one soon. Santa, if you’re listening, a little orange kitten with a white nose and white belly and white paws………. That’s what I want in 2012. Just as soon as I get myself settled down somewhere.  Thank you, Santa. 🙂 ………………..
So yea, that’s it for this post. I think marriage can last between cat people and dog people. But I think in some cases, it might be a recipe for a divorce. What do you think? Can cat people and dog people live happily ever after?
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