Parental Kidnapping? Did country crooner Mindy McCready abduct her son Zander?

It’s a crazy December for moms like country singer Mindy McCready. Seems she is suspected of illegally taking her five year old son Zander from his legal guardian, his maternal grandmother, and taking him over state lines. I can’t say I know who this young woman is. But I sure hope she isn’t guilty of parental kidnapping….such a weird concept, isn’t it? That you can be accused of “stealing” your own child….complicated stuff. I mean, you give birth to it. It’s yours, right? You should be able to take it whenever you want. I don’t mean “it”. I should say “him” or “her.” She wanted to be with her son. Why is that so horrible? I mean, I understand about custody laws and everything, obviously. But I can only imagine being a mother and wanting to be with my child! I mean, seriously.¬† It’s the holidays. She¬† wanted to be with her son. She gave birth to him, dammit. What’s so wrong with that? What’s wrong with these people?…I wonder why she doesn’t have custody? Are there drug allegations or something? It’s very unusual for a mother to be divested of custody of her own child like this. Something major must have gone down. Still, I feel for her. She just wanted to be with her son. I can totally feel that. I can totally understand that. It doesnt’ make “kidnapping” right, if that is what she did. But I get that need, that primal desire that just overlooks everything else. She. wanted. her. son.
End of discussion.