Did Terrence Howard threaten to kill his estranged ex wife Michelle?

TMZ is reporting that actor Terrence Howard’s wife Michelle is calling him a domestic abuser. She claims, among other things — according to TMZ– that TerrenceĀ  threatened to throw her off a balcony, that he slapped her, that he knocked her down in a parking lot and a whole bunch of other goodies. Wow. Another time she claims he said “walk home bitch this is my car I pay for it.” Wow. How do women find men like that and end up marrying him? Jeeze. I really believe that if they are honest they will admit that they knew he was like this before it got to that. A man tells you who he is in four weeks. Seriously. Just give him four weeks and he tells you who he is. You sometimes have to use your powers of deduction, of course. You sometimes have to read between the lines. But if you listen and you watch, he tells you exactly who he is. It could just be his smile. You can tell so much from a man’s smile. Does it reach his eyes when he smiles? How long does his smile linger? Does it stop abruptly and a weird, cruel look comes over his otherwise handsome face? How are his teeth? I remember this one guy I thought was so hot; and one day he smiled at me. And the only word that came to my mind was “creepy!” There was something so creepy about his smile. I remember I wrote it in my journal. But I didn’t want to think about it. It was a very inconvenient thought. Yet, I wrote, “don’t ignore it.” And the day came when I remembered that smile and what I wrote in my journal. Because he later revealed himself to be an absolute creep. How else do they tell you who they are? They literally speak it. Out of the mouth of men comes who they are. It is guaranteed that they will slip and say something they wouldn’t want you to know about them, in four short weeks. Seriously. How is his aura? When you sit quietly by yourself and reflect on him, what does your gut say? You will have an answer in four weeks.
There are myriad clues to who a man is and if more women were more discerning and less desperate and more invested in protecting themselves from the “abusers” of the world, they will see these clues in four short weeks. And then they won’t end up in a relationship with a man who calls them a bitch and knocks them to the ground in a parking lot.
And of course, I think I have the responsibility to say that these are only allegations. I don’t know that Terrence Howard did the things his estranged wife is saying he did. So I am not really referring to him. I am generalizing when I say that women need to be more discerning about men from the very beginning and trust their instincts. Don’t make excuses for the signs you see. Your gut is never wrong. NEVER.
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