Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher? How about that for a match made in heaven?

I’m sitting here with nothing to do but ruminate about the lives of Hollywood celebrities and it just popped into my head that maybe Kim Kardashian and Asthon Kutcher should hook up. Kim Kardashian Kutcher. Of course, her initials, if she took her husband’s name would be KKK so that is not all that auspicious. But…I think this could work. The age difference is what? Two years? With Ashton older? This is very auspicious. The man should be older except in very rare circumstances. Kim is 31 and I think I read that Ashton is 33. Kim has a similar coloring and look as Demi so it’s not like Ashton would be going that far against type. Kim is still fertile at 31 and could give Ashton cute biological babies where Demi was unfortunately unable to do that due to her advanced maternal age. And that’s not to put her down. I’m in the same boat. So I’m just saying…why else will they make a good couple? Well, they both need some loving right now. They just got divorced and are on the rebound. They understand, in a weird way what the other is feeling.
Plus, Ashton is more mature (gasp!) than Kris. Kris is only 26…And Ashton is not that bad to look at . He’s hot. I think Kris is hot but…I think they are in the same boat as far as hotness quotient…what else? They would have cuter babies than Khourtney and Scott. And Khloe will be green with envy that her sister got a main stream celebrity. She would work overtime to undermine the relationship but I think Kim is wising up to Khloe. I saw a clip of Kim telling Khloe straight up that she is “jealous.” So I’m not crazy. I am just intuitive as usual and I know these things.
Sorry. I digressed. Why else will Kim and Ashton be a good couple? Well, their names fit. It would be the new Brangelina.
K’ash-dasian. That would be the new super couple of 2012. Kim and Ashton Kutcher Kardashian. What do you think?
The more I think about it, the more brilliant I feel. I think this is going to happen. Kim and Ashton. K’ash-dashian. What a reality show that would be. Especially when Ashton starts unzipping his pants all over Beverly Hills.
both fotos from flickr creative commons)