Happy Holidays!

Christmas Love to all our Readers!
Hello All! Jolly Holly! I thought I’d throw up my annual “Happy Holidays” message today. That includes Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanza, and New Years.

We Wish you a loving Christmas!

I want to wish you peace, prosperity and all that jazz this holiday season. This, of course, is a divorce blog, so I should say if you’re in the midst of a divorce, or thinking about it, I wish you wisdom, temperance, patience, forgiveness and acceptance as well. 
As we approach 2012, I am thinking about Divorce Saloon and whether I will continue to blog going forward. God knows I’ve tried to quit this blog many times but its like a possessive boyfriend. It won’t let me go. It’s like, it says to me, “you’re not leaving me. You’re not going anywhere.” The new year will mark 6 years that I’ve been blogging on Divorce Saloon and some of you (maybe about 10) have been reading since the beginning (I see you in my Analytics 🙂 ) And I want to say thank you! Sure, it would have been nice to hear from you sometimes, but that you visited was nice…I am sure I will continue to throw things up in spite of myself; because its not like I can stop the ideas for posts from popping into my head at the most inopportune times. It may not be as often because I suspect there are going to be some HUGE changes in my life in 2012 and that I may have less time to blog and I’m also thinking of starting new blog. On a whole new topic….Actually I started it last night. Put up the first post, but I won’t take it live for another couple of months. So you’ll have to wait. But it should be fun and maybe you can come along with me on that journey if you’d like.
Anyways, I just want to say, “Have yourself, a Merry Little Christmas” and it’s lovely weather for a snowride together with you! And that over here, we love you! 🙂
Merry Christmas, everyone!!! 🙂 Happy everything and have a spectacular 2012 (get it all, passion, love, money, sex, kind deeds, and laughter and world peace, and just EVERYTHING you can! OK?)
With Love, “Jeannie Goldstein” – Divorce Saloon Admin
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