Jennifer Lopez does post-divorce strip tease (almost) with ex husband watching…

J.Lo is really socking it to ex husband Marc Anthony. Apparently she was video-taped recently doing a suggestive dance with him watching from the side-lines. She’s trying to give this poor guy a heart attack, I think. She’s trying to say, “look, you dumped me? You don’t war me? Big mistake! BIG MISTAKE!!!” I love it. I just love women like Jennifer who don’t take the crap lying down. They fight back. They fight back by living well, by being happy, by moving on after some dude breakes their heart….They don’t sit around and mope.
But Jennifer and Marc seem to really be very mature adults about this whole thing. So much so that they are doing a reality show together called, !Q’Viva! or something like that. It’s a show where they tour 21 Latin American countries looking for raw talent which they will bring back to Los Angeles to nurture and shape into an International star. They are the stars of this show and they signed on pre-divorce but decided to carry on with the show after their marriage imploded. I think that is very mature. It is more mature than I think I could have been under the circumstances. I admire that. Marc is a real man for being able to sit there and look at her doing sexy strip tease like acts and not get all bent out of shape, especially when she has her toy boy Caspar Smart in tow. That could make any man crazy. But Marc handles it in stride, apparently. Very mature, Marc Anthony!
Well, I should go. This blog is really manipulating me. I can’t stop writing on it!!! Sheesh….I am trying to work on my thesis and deal with a whole bunch of other stuff at the same time. Can you believe I”m working on this thing five days before Christmas??? But its all good. It’s good for me to practice spewing my bs. I’m going to need these skills big time in the years to come. You know what they say: if you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your….ahahahahahaha. 🙂 (I don’t dare finish that. I don’t dare.)
Oh my gosh…hope your holidays are going swell, sport.