Could your marriage survive infidelity that results in extra-marital kids? Ask Maria Shriver

Apparently, Maria Shriver went to Christmas Eve mass with her soon to be ex husband Arnold Swarzenegger (wrong spelling?) and the rumor mills are running rampant that a reconciliation may be in the cards. It’s not impossible. Women like Maria are used to their husband’s inability to keep the family jewels neatly tucked away inside his perfectly dry cleaned pants. Let’s just face it. It’s hard for a lot of men to keep it in their dry cleaned pants, ok? And if every woman was going to run out and get a divorce? There probably wouldn’t be any married heterosexual couples in California. But the rub is when he is so completely negligent, that he sows his seed in other women’s couchies and has kids with these people. Isn’t it? Woudn’t that just rub you the wrong way as a woman? It’s bad enough to be cheated on. Fine, we will bite our tongues and grit and bear it. But then you don’t utilize prophylactics? You impregnant this hen? You bring home extra-marital bastards into the home? For chrissakes. It is too much for the average woman to cope with. But apparently, not Maria Shriver. She seems to be rethinking her divorce filing which occured circa May 2011 and she apparently has been “telling friends” that her religious faith and other considerations (aka, Arnold is such an unbelievable lover I just don’t see how I can replace him) are making her have second thoughts about the divorce — the 13 year old extra-marital son be damned….is the word bastard pejorative? I feel bad for using it. I can’t imagine it’s still okay to use this word, but it just seems to fit in a slightly outrageous way. Nothing else will quite do. I should block it out and use another word. I know. But…let me check the dictionary. If it’s still in the dictionary I am leaving it…it’s still in the dictionary….hm…it simply means an “illegitimate” child. Hm…I don’t know. Should I leave it in? Take it out….I guess I will leave it in, unless a reader has strong objections to the term. Seriously if anyone objects to it, I will strike it out. I don’t know if I even think that word should be in the dictionary. Is it right to refer to an innocent child as “illegitimate?” As a “bastard?”  Shouldn’t all children be viewed as “legitimate” just by virtue of their birth, of their sovereign right as a human being to exist? What the phock is that referring to kids as “bastards?” and as “illegitimate?”  And having that in the dictionary in 2011-2012? This bothers me. I feel like I should not use that word to refer to kids. It seems wrong…but maybe I’m being hypersensitive, as usual…it’s just that it occurs to me that every human being is legitimate so long as he or she is born. No matter what the circumstances. That is what I think is correct and appropriate… 
Anyways, my hat is off to Maria. And women like her. That is not an easy scenario to circumnavigate and to forgive. And to think it was her maid, for chrissakes. What is that? That is a weird kind of speech when your husband leaves your bed and goes to bonk the maid. Seriously. What is that saying to a wife when a husband does that? And then has kids??? And she forgives that??? I don’t know. I”m a very forgiving person. But I don’t know if I could forgive that, personally. So I really admire women like Maria who have the stomach to look past something like that.
What about you? Could your marriage survive a scenario like this?…and should I change the word bastard? It’s kind of bothering me…..?