Mel Gibson pays ex wife nearly half a BILLION dollars in divorce settlement!

Who knew Mel Gibson was as rich as he was? According to sources, he was worth nearly $900 million dollars and he paid his ex wife Robyn Moore Gibson about half that in settlement it was revealed today. The couple’s divorce case is sealed by the California divorce c ourt (how did they pull that off? On what basis?) and so only little snippets have been revealed. But Yahoo News reports that Robyn got in the high $400 million. Among Mel’s assets was an island in Fiji, various houses around the world, residuals in movies he’s acted, starred or directed (or all of the above) a church, and, I guess, a whole lot of cold, hard cash. When you juxtapose that with what he paid ex girlfriend Oksana, a measly $750K for verbally abusing her and allegedly pushing her around a little bit, you really almost feel bad for Oksana.
Mel and Robyn apparently have seven kids but only one is a minor and there is some rumor that there could be a custody battle for him. I doubt it. Mel will not turn on Robyn. Not after she came to his defense when Oksana tried to make him out as a batterer. Robyn actually filed an affidavit that said he never hit her or the kids. In 30 years of marriage. That was powerful stuff. I bet you that is why Oksana’s case just fizzled. And she only ended up with $750K when she thought she’d instead have a big payday.
Mel will let his ex wife have custody of the boy and he will see his son whenever he wants, I suspect. Not so sure about the status of his case with Oksana for baby Lucia. Is that thing res judicata? Or are they still fighting over who will have custody? I don’t think there’s any way in god’s green earth that Mel will get full custody of Lucia unless something completely untoward and unforeseen were to happen with and to Oksana. Notwithstanding the fact that he never hit his ex wife and his kids with her, those tapes that surfaced when he was with Oksana are the end of him as a custodial parent. He will have visitation, sure. But he’s damned lucky its not supervised visitation till the kid – baby Lucia –¬†turns 30. I’m just saying.