Will your "fading" looks lead to divorce?

How much do looks matter in a marriage? I think it depends on the marriage. If the marriage happened because of looks, then if looks fade its going to matter a lot. For sure, one thing a lot of men seem to find unforgivable is when their wife gains an excessive amount of weight. Typically, when they married, she was trim and tight and toned and then over the years she basically blows up (whether due to hormonal changes, age, depression, or a slowed metabolism, it doesn’t matter) and he he just can’t handle the new her. So he starts looking outside the marriage and then before you know it, he wants a divorce because her “looks faded.”  How incredibly shallow of him, yes? But it’s reality. A woman can’t let her looks fade when the man married her for her looks. Simple as that.
But wrinkles can similarly cause problems. It defies logic but for some men, a wrinkling wife is a problem. Did he not expect her to age? Does he expect her to remain youthfully smooth her entire life? Why the unrealistic expectations? Not quite sure. But it seems clear that for a lot of men, wrinkles are a problem. It means the wife is not “hot” anymore. She is not nubile and pretty. She is not a beautiful accessory on his arm. And for a lot of husbands, the way the wife looks on his arm is very important. She must be the envy of his friends, she must turn heads whenver they are out and about town, she must be wanted and desired by other men who can’t have her because she is HIS possession, his prize, his WIFE. The thing with that is that when the wife’s looks start to fade, (aka she starts to get wrinkled) the husband’s ego and self-esteem takes a hit because he depends on her looks for his own definition and his own sense of worth – to a large extent. And next thing she knows, she’s consulting divorce attorneys.
Modern technology helps a lot with the wrinkles especially. People can get all sorts of things done. But somehow, in spite of it all, its still not the same. A woman who is botoxed to look young just looks botoxed. She doesnt’ necessarily look young. It’s weird. Youthfulness is inherent, I think. It’s a gift. You either have it or you don’t. Sometimes you can be wrinkled and still be girlish and youthful. Other times you have no lines but there is something really old about you. You are not soft and nubile and happy and young. You’re just surgically re-arranged.
I think growing old gracefully is beautiful. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I am at an age where I’ve started to think, “heck, I need botox!!!” But I also appreciate the passing years and the wisdom and grace and confidence that comes from that. I think there is real joy in accepting who you are and how you look. It makes you look, seem and feel younger. To yourself anyways. To men? Heck, I don’t know. Let’s just face it, they want the 22 year old. That’s their reset button. And when you get north of that, many will lose interest and leave you because they think your looks have faded.
I say let them go to hell. 🙂
I mean, I think more women can probably take better care of themselves. They can exercise, refuse to smoke, refuse to drink excessively, think good thoughts, laugh, find purposeful things to do with their lives. And this will make them younger. But this idea that you have to always look like you’re 22 to keep a man? Phock dat. He can go to hell. That is my humble opinion on this issue.
What do you think?