Sandra Bullock on her divorce from Jesse James: "I was perfectly content to be permanently broken"

Sandra Bullock is back to work, starring in a Hollywood film directed by pal Steven Daldry, according to a news report in the Los Angeles Times. The actress is quoted as saying she had had no intention of returning to acting after her divorce. Instead, she was “content to remain permanently broken.” That is a pretty heavy statement, isn’t it? And you know what they say about never saying never. There is nothing permanent except death. And apparently not even that is permanent if you believe the teachings of most religions – as I do. But it does convey the depths of Ms. Bullock’s despair, doesn’t it, “permanently broken.” Wow. That is a lot of pain and anguish. I hope I never feel that way as long as I live. I have felt broken. But to be permanently broken or to feel that way? Wow. Too much pain and anguish. But she was wrong. She was not permanently broken. She mended and Stephen convinced her to go back to work and it seems she enjoyed it thoroughly. There is nothing like having something else to focus on than the pain and anguish (especially work you enjoy) to help you mend from a broken relationship, is there?…. In re the Bullock divorce, I’ve always wondered how she could have been so wrong about this guy? She seems smart and measured and unemotional (unlike me). How could she have so misread this guy? I never understood that. I mean, talk about having a “blind side” or being “blindsided.” She seemed to fit both descriptions when it came to her ex.¬† And it boggles the mind. Because she doesn’t seem to be that kind of woman who could make such bad decisions when it comes to men. She seems much too level-headed. It must have been her age. By the time she met him, she probably settled because she thought she was getting old and nothing better would come by; and so she settled for a clear, prima facie Mr. Wrong. Getting old is for the birds and is not for aging women. I gotta say. It makes us do and consider the most embarassing things and cads. Ooh Ew.