Sleeping pills like Ambien blamed for behaviors that destroy marriage and can lead to divorce

Earlier this month, I read an article in Marie Claire magazine about this woman whose marriage imploded after she began to take Ambien – a sleeping pill. Not sure if its prescription or over the counter but apparently, even Charlie Sheen eschews this drug as the “Devil’s Aspirin.” Wow. If Charlie Sheen thinks this thing is hard core it must be pretty bad, wouldn’t you say? It’s like this really strong opiate, apparently, and people who take it apparently think it affects their behavior, from increasing their sex drive to causing emotional swings to causing erratic behavior. The author of the Marie Claire article said it made her act wild towards he husband and erratic and eventually he left her for another woman because he couldn’t deal with her behavior anymore.
Wow. I definitely am one of those people who is very wary of drugs. I barely want to take  vitamins because I believe my body should naturally manufacture everything I need to be healthy and to live well and to be strong and all of that. But I understand when people need to sleep. When it comes to sleeping, I am someone who loves to sleep and when my sleep is disturbed, I get very perturbed and really out of sorts. I had a bout of insomnia recently, actually, and I thought I’d lose my mind. Thank god, that passed after I just decided to let go of the issues that were keeping me up at night. I just let em go. Cause I can only control my behavior, not anybody elses.  But its not as easy for everyone to just release problems like that. Some people have better coping skills than other people. And if you can’t sleep, well, that’s a big problem. But I still don’t believe in taking drugs even to sleep. If you’re not sleeping well, you need to get to the bottom of why that is. There is a reason. Usually it is stress, too many problems, things like that. And its not like I’m saying you can’t have a glass of wine occassionally if you need to unwind a bit. But this thing with taking sleeping pills? Especially stuff like Ambien? It sounds like trouble waiting to happen. Too much potential to become habit forming. It just sounds like a really bad idea. Especially if you have a marriage to preserve.
But I won’t preach.  Folks are adults and they make their own choices. Just keep in mind that if Charlie Sheen is calling a drug the devil, it’s probably pretty bad and you want to watch your interaction with it, and if at all possible, avoid it altogether.