Quickie Marriage, quickie divorce: The new Hollywood must have accessory

With the latest announcement that singer Sinead O’Connor had married and divorced her husband in under a month (following on the heels of Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage) I resigned myself to the fact that a new trend is born. More and more celebrities, thrill seekers and fame whores will be getting married and divorced in rapid speed, just for the ugly of it. What do I think about this? Well, I want to try not to be judgmental about it. I mean, it does strike me as inappropriate and its not funny and its not interesting and its wrong and awful and just boring – if I can just say how I really feel. I think marriage is a holy sacrament. I really do and I don’t believe in entering into it lightly and in making a joke of it and doing it for sport and as a stunt. It’s not funny. I think this trend sends the wrong message to young people. I guess that is what the NYT writer was trying to get at when she said that parents needed to explain to their children why the Kardashian marriage imploded after 72 days. I took umbrage with that because I felt it implied that Kim was a “role model” for the nations’ children and I just feel that that is ridiculous. She can’t be a role model. But maybe its not even about being a role model. Maybe its that parents have a responsibility and a duty to explain that this trend towards marginalizing and ridiculing and mocking marriage is not okay. This is not the way it was meant to be. Marriage is not sport. It’s a serious, adult act of commitment that, cumulatively does have an effect, hopefully a positive one on society. And that it should be taken seriously and with due regard and that these quickie marriages and divorces in Hollywood are not the “norm.” I guess that is the responsibility that parents have. To inform their children of this grave thing. Marriage is not some sort of disposable new “it” handbag.  It’s meant to be a lifelong commitment.
And I’m trying not to be preachy about it; and judgmental. Who knows what goes on in people’s lives, you know? Maybe Kim Kardashian really had no choice but to seek a divorce from Kris. Maybe she just made a mistake and she realized it after 72 days. Maybe she is distraught over having had to even make such a choice.  Maybe she takes marriage very seriously. I don’t know the girl’s heart. You know. But I do worry that she has started a trend. And there will be all  these copy cats. And it will spill over into the mainstream. And this is not okay. And this coming from me, a single girl who’s never married. I just don’t think these people in Hollywood are setting a very good example. And I don’t like it. It’s not funny. They shouldn’t be doing this. They should give marriage is due regard and its due respect. This new let’s-disrespect-and-make-a-joke-of-marriage trend is not cute. It’s not admirable. It’s gross. It’s yuck. And they need to stop this trend stat.