Michael Jordon finally rebounds from his divorce Juanita and gets engaged to Cuban hottie Yvette Prieto

His divorce from first wife Juanita Vanoy has been laid to rest since 2006. Finally, after dating for 3 years, the former Bulls champ, Michael Jordan, has popped the question to his girlfriend of 3 years, Yvette Prieto. That is nice. He did it over Christmas, apparently. It’ s been a long engagement, and he waited a respectful 5 years between marriages. He didn’t rush into anything. And he’s only had one other marriage, so he’s not a serial predator or anything in the NBA. He’s a stable guy and he takes his time. He loved his first wife a lot and he even rebounded from her first divorce threat and gave the marriage all that he could. But then, it still didn’t work and they divorced in 2006.
I like the quietness of this courtship. I had no idea he was even dating anyone. He kept that quiet and discreet and he stayed out of the press. Or maybe its because I don’t keep up with basketball and stuff like that. So I had no idea he even owned a team called the Bobcats – whoever or whatever they are. So maybe he’s been flaunting her but I’ve just not been privy to this information since I am so focused on Hollywood reality stars like Kim Kardashian. 🙂 Wouldn’t it have been something if he had married someone like Kim? And he’s clearly her type. She seems to have a thing for Black ballplayers. I’m just saying. Its her type. And its fine. I mean, they’re hot. I would have a thing for them, too, if they were my type. But they aren’t. I have a definite type and its not the Black ballplayer sort. It’s more like…well, maybe I shouldn’t overshare.
Anyways, yes. Michael Jordan is off the market. He’s getting married to Yvette Prieto! What a lucky little Cuban girl she is!