BRITAIN: Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry: Could this ever become a love triangle?

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Netflix movies. For instance, today I watched a movie called Carnal Knowledge with Jack Nicholson, back when he was hotttttttttttttttttt. I mean, I can’t even believe Jack used to be so handsome and young! My best recollection of him was his old and surly self in  the Tom Cruise movie when he barked, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!”
And you know what? He was right. Most people can’t handle the truth. But he, Jack Nicholson, used to be hot.
Anyhoo, so I watched that and then I was reading this evening about Kate Middleton and Prince William wearing matching grey wellie boots (what are those, rain boots?) and then I saw a picture of the two, and I got a slight chill. I think Prince Harry may have a little crush on Kate. Seriously. I’m not kidding. I’m not saying that anything inappropriate is going on or has gone on. But I am very perceptive about things like this. I see them before a lot of other people realize. And I think Harry has a crush on his sister in law. And its cute. For now. But as they get older and more mature and boredom and ennui set into that marriage, I worry. Harry is very dashing, daring and debonair in his own way. He is also competitive with his brother. In a brotherly way, not in a Kardashian way. He loves Wills and Wills loves him and he’d cut out his eye before he hurts his brother. But he has a big crush on his brother’s wife! He does! Look at this pic and tell me that I’m crazy.
Plus, I think now that Wills married Kate, it increases her stock in Harry’s eyes. She’s a bigger get, a bigger challenge, more fun, more danger, more intrigue, a bigger score — the biggest. As a girlfriend, it was like, “eh.” But as the wife? The future queen of England? His brother, heir to the throne’s betrothed? This is a whole other level. This is a whole other level…. 
The thing is, this is the stuff that tragedies are made of, you know. Two loving brothers falling in love with the same girl. It’s high drama. Complicated and scandalous and that is how Harry likes it. He likes danger, intrigue and breaking with convention. I can just tell that about him. He’s bored with the status quo. He wants something different, shocking and adrenaline pumping. What could be more up his alley than an attempted seduction of his sister in law, wife of a brother he loves, admires, reveres, and is a little bit jealous of?
Boy. I really think Harry needs to hurry up and find his wife. Otherwise, there’s going to be trouble coming out of St. James’ Palace. I’m telling you now.