The Art of the Kiss
Yesterday I was walking along the lake and I saw two brown butterflies making love. It was the first time in my nearly half a century on the earth that I’ve ever seen such a thing. I’ve seen other creatures go at it, like dogs, donkeys and even chickens. But never butterflies. That was uniquely and singularly beautiful. That made me think of God and how he created this Earth on certain fundamental premises, the first being sex. The others being love, violence (nature is so incredibly violent) and another being the KISS.
God created the kiss as one of the fundamental tenets of what it means to be a creature on the Earth who is alive. Animals kiss. Cats kiss. People Kiss. Butterflies kiss.
There is an art to it. Kissing is an art. And I think maybe it is possible to save your marriage (or ruin it) with the way you kiss. Bad kissers probably have a higher divorce rate than good kissers. Mediocre kissers are probably worse than bad kissers. Because mediocre is boring. And boring is the kiss of death.
I think butterflies can teach us a lot about how to kiss. But then again, so can other animals. A kiss can be tender and lingering and mean so much more than a kiss that is aggressive and violent. And there are the latter types of kisses – aggressive and violent. I saw on the other day in a movie. This woman swooped in like a python and basically almost wrapped her tongue all the way around this guys head. It was vicious. I thought, “holy cow! her tongue looks like a weapon!” But then he swooped right back at her and they really just did this crazy type of kiss that was hard to look away from. I was gobsmacked. I never thought anyone could kiss like that. I’m still thinking about it, wondering how to classify it. Was it good? Was it evil?
What is the way to kiss to save your marriage? I don’t know. I guess there are different types of kisses, depending on the circumstances. You kiss a different way on Sunday mornings than you do on Saturday night. You kiss differently after a fight than you do when you’ve been agreeing on everything and having no tension. You kiss differently on New Years Eve than you do on January 2nd. You kiss differently when you pms. That is heat. Those kisses can really be intense.
There is definitely an art to kissing and its important to master it. It’s not just about the French Kiss. There’s the Spanish kiss, the Arab Kiss and the Romanian Kiss and the African Kiss. There’s the Jamaican kiss, the kitten kiss, and even the dog kiss. It’s all diffferent kinds of kisses and it all has its place. And time. And manner.
……..What the phock am I talking about? I don’t know. It’s January 1st. I’m sitting here listening to church bells ring. It’s hot in the apartment so I am wearing my gym shorts and that’s about it. I had an awesome New Years Eve. Probably the best ever. I had a lot of champagne. Saw the most amazing fireworks. I woke up thinking about kissing. For some bizarre reason. So I thought I’d post on it. But never mind me. I’m just free associating. As usual. 🙂
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