Chronicles of a fucked up marriage

Forgive me this post title, please. It just popped into my head, cracked me up and I couldn’t resist. I wrote it down even though I chided myself that it was inappropriate to not only think this thought, but to write it as well. I mean, quite seriously, I don’t even know what a fucked up marriage looks like cause I’ve never had one. I just know it would be very toxic. I mean, the level of toxicity is probably so high that I can’t even fathom it. The stuff that would go on in this situation? Sheesh. Maybe we should ask Charlie Sheen or, like, Tiger Woods, or, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, or, like…OJ.
Drugs, Sex, Murder and teenaged nymphs. Stuff like that is what I think the chronicles of a fucked up marriage would reveal. Really bad stuff. Corruptive, corrosive and chaotic. That’s what I”m thinking. Although, I shouldn’t be thinking of this at all. I’m sorry. I should not have written it either. That word. It’s not that I don’t curse. I do. A lot. But it’s inappropriate to put it in this context and then throw it up on my blog. And its even wronger that it makes me laugh. I’m becoming depraved in my old age. I need help. I can’t believe I am going to hit post on this blog post.
Please forgive me. And pray for me too.