The 20 most glamorous ex wives of all time, and the men who divorced them

Here’s a list of 20 famous, wealthy & glamorous women who’ve been dumped 

 Madonna – Madonna, the Queen of Pop and Empress of Glamour,  is twice divorced and is currently single. She was first left by Sean Penn who later married Robin Wright; and in 2008 her second husband Guy Ritchie who once famously said that being married to Madonna was not “easy” likewise asked for divorce. The fifty-something star is currently single but she has a penchant for dating sexy twenty-somethings.

2. Elizabeth Taylor – The only woman in Hollywood whose had more boyfriends than Paris Hilton.Liz was a major jewelry aficionado and probably wore high end jewelry to bed; indeed, she wore them better than just about any other actress in Hollywood. But it was not enough for her numerous husbands that she looked so stunning in priceless stones. She’s been married eight times and divorced seven times. The husbands who left her are Conrad Hilton, Michael Wilding, Michael Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton, John Warner and Larry Fortensky. She is currently single but is dating (and probably living with) and African American business man.
3. Princess Diana – She was the world’s most glamorous princess, but she was not enough for heir to the British throne, Prince Charles who was madly head over heels obsessed with a less glamorous girl named Camilla. She is deceased but prior to her death, she was dating Dodi Fayed, a billionaire Egyptian whose family used to own Harrods, the famous London high end store.
4. Marie Osmond– Marie Osmond is the mother of eight children and have had two marriages both of which ended in divorce. The 51 year old stage diva’s ex husbands are Stephen Craig and Brian Blosil. She is currently single remarried and is recuperating from the recent suicide of her son. But she is glamorous as ever – slimmed, botoxed and has the voice of an angel.
5. Barbara WaltersThis glamour puss has married and divorced three times. Her ex husbands are Robert Katz, Lee Guber and Merv Adelson. She’s also dated a lot of glamorous and interesting men the list of which includes a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, and a United States Senator. She is currently single but has her paramours with whom she takes sexy cruises on the Aegean.
6. Ivana Trump– This former Olympic ice-skater from the Czeck Republic has been married and divorced four times, her most glamorous marriage by far having been to Donald J. Trump, the NYC real estate titan. Her ex husbands are as follows:  George Syrovatka, Donald Trump, Riccardo Mazzucchelli, and Rossano Rubicondi. Rumour has it that her current boyfriend is about 23 years of age.
7. Jennifer Aniston– Of all the divorcees on this list, Jennifer’s divorce from heartthrob Brad Pitt was the most painful to watch and certainly must have been the most painful to bear due to the global scrutiny and ridicule she had to endure. However, she never gained an ounce by stressing  herself and fretting about being one-upped by the likes of bombshell Angelina Jolie. On the contrary, this girl next door/glamor queen surrounded herself with a coven of friends and toy boys and carried on with it as if to ask, “Brad who?” Gotta luv it.
8. Countess LuAnn de LessopsThis reality show vixen who came to fame from the Bravo series The Real Housewives of New York is not a real countess but she was married to a  “Frenchman Alexandre de Lesseps, a descendant of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the architect of the Suez Canal.” Alexandre later dumped the countess for an Ethiopian princess; admittedly, this must have been tough for the Native American/French LuAnn, but who could tell? She carried on as glamorous as ever and went on to write a best selling book and make a hit single about class, style and substance. 
9.Jamie McCourt–  Nobody wears the classic sheath like Jamie McCourt, ex wife of Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. The former Mrs. McCourt has the body of a twenty-five year old woman and knows how to maximize style with a minimized wardrobe. The lawyer turned business woman has moved on and is rumored to be in a serious relationship with a new man.
10. Jane Fonda – This septuagenarian child of Hollywood parentage is equal parts glamour and sex appeal. She was described by Warren Beatty as a “python” in terms of her sexual prowess and she once famously asked Johnny Carson, “would you like to pet my ‘$%ssy’,” to which he responded “only if you get that cat out of the way.” (Something to do with Zsa Zsa Gabor and a cat Zsa had brought to the Tonight Show set, ostensibly.) Jane is also the poster girl for aerobic exercise and has been an outspoken activist since the 1960s. It is bewildering how she’s been divorced three times from Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and her last husband Ted Turner whom she divorced in 2001. She has a new boyfriend but says she has no desire to get remarried anytime soon.
11. Dyan Cannon is glamour personified. She’s been married and divorced from none other than the dashing though bad-tempered Cary Grant in the 1960s (and also to a chap by the name of Stanley Fimberg years later) in the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. Diane was 27 and Cary was 61. It was, by her accounts, a volatile marriage and the divorce was a sensational press orgy:

The couple had been married for barely two years when Cannon filed for divorce. In a packed courtroom she testified that Grant frequently criticized her, spanked her, and even went so far as to lock her in her room. (In a fit of anger Grant once told a friend, ”I’m going to break her like a pony.”) The final blow to his screen-idol image was her admission that he used LSD. The judge agreed they should go their separate ways but granted Grant and Cannon co-starring roles in Jennifer’s life.

12. Cher – Even if you’re one of the few in the world who doesn’t consider Cher glamorous (and that would just be crazy), you have to admit she’s certainly dated and/or bedded a series of glamorous men, to wit: Tom Cruise, Elvis Presley, Rob Camelletti, Val Kilmer, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Sambora and Gregg Allman. She was married and divorced twice: Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman. She is happily single these days but is dating a comedy writer according to rumours.
13. Renee ZellwegerThough her 2005 marriage to country crooner Kenny Chesney lasted only four months, that dress she wore on the beach in St. John when the two married, just left us collectively breathless and cemented her place in history as one of the most glamorous women of all time. The Swiss-Norwegian- Texan beauty has got the best strut on the best pair of legs and also wears the stiletto and a tight short dress better than just about anyone else in Hollywood.
14. Robin Givens –  The world is filled with young, pretty, dumb things who marry rich, powerful, famous men and sports stars just for the money. No one cared. But with Robin Givens it was a whole other story. She’s quite lucky nobody put out a hit on her. She still has great hair, though, doesn’t she? Robin was so glam, that everybody assumed there was was no way she could have genuinely loved Mike Tyson and so she was reviled by everyone in America. It was probably the first and only time a trophy wife/gold digger was universally hated.
15. Marilyn Monroe– No one can deny that Marilyn Monroe was a glamorous wife. The AList Hollywood actress was married and divorced three times. The men who left her were James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Authur Miller. She also had affairs, allegedly, with both John and Bobby Kennedy. Her divorces were not all that glamorous. Her last divorce from Authur Miller occurred in Juarez Mexico (she was allegedly cheating on him with Tony Curtis) around the same time that Miller had written a screenplay as a Valentine’s present for her (Misfits ironically was about a divorcée – per her Wikipedia profile.) Her second divorce from DiMaggio occurred less than a year after they married – he had been “cruel” to her, she said. (Later on, he allegedly wanted to remarry the glamor-puss.)
16. Soraya Kashoggi (nee Sandra Daly). When this glamorous beauty was unceremoniously dumped by her Egyptian oil titan/baron of a husband, Adnan Kashoggi, she got just shy of a billion dollars financial settlement, depending on whom you believe. Some people say she only got about 2 million pounds. Whatever the case may be, no other divorcée lived as glamorously as Soraya did when she was married to, and freshly divorced from  Adnan Kashoggi. True, these days, she’s nearly 100 pounds over-weight and she’s resorted to running a modest flower shop over in England, and she doesn’t look all that glamorous anymore. But in the good old days? When she was married to the Egyptian oil baron? Nobody was as glamorous as she.

17.  Christie Brinkley – How could a man leave Christie Brinkley for another woman? Peter Cook, her fourth husband did, the little rat. But the bikini goddess has had as many husbands as she’s had divorces and she still looks not a day over thirty. There have been four hubbies including Billy Joel, Peter Cook, Richard Taubman and Jean-Francois Allaux. And a famous liaison with the heir to Moet Champagne. Per her Wikipedia profile: “In 1982, Brinkley had a romantic relationship with Olivier Chandon de Brailles (born September 17, 1955 in France), heir to the Moët-Chandon Champagne fortune. The two met at Studio 54 in New York City at a party promoting a calendar in which Brinkley appeared. Chandon died a year later on March 2, 1983 in an auto-race car crash during a private pre-season practice session.” 

18.Irina Abramovich – The glamorous, Catherine Deneuvesque blonde’s ex husband, Roman, is a billionaire Russian oligarch who has since re-married to a fashion model and magazine editor named Dasha. Irina is movie-star pretty and bore her ex husband five gorgeous children. They divorced quietly in Russia, in a remote, cold region where Roman was governor. While the press predicted hers would be the biggest divorce settlement of all time (Roman was the second richest man in Russia at the time of their divorce) she only walked away with about $300 million. But she got a private jet, a few mansions, and a yacht. So don’t cry for her Argentina.
19. Jerry Hall– The glamorous super model’s ex husband Mick Jagger (who left his wife Bianca Jagger in the 1970s to hook up with Hall) dated and bedded the likes of Carla Bruni Sarkozy who is now first lady of France (Carla’s been linked to titans like Donald Trump). Jerry and Mick had a common law marriage which was officiated in Bali in 1990 in a Hindu ceremony, and they parted ways in 1999 (Mick tried to get out of paying her a dime but they later settled). Undaunted, the former model is now living in Perth, Australia and is dating Australian millionaire Warwick Helmsley according to press reports.
20. Winnie Mandela -Of all the words one would use to define Winnie Mandela, perhaps “glamorous” is not the most intuitive. But she is. Winnie Mandela is thought by many to be the “Mother of the Nation” in reference to her native land, South Africa. She was married from 1958 – 1996 to Nelson Mandela, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner (and also a lawyer and most famous international prisoner).  Nelson Mandela divorced Winnie after his release from prison, despite her tireless efforts to get him freed. Says Winnie’s Wikipedia profile:

Although still married to Nelson Mandela at the time of his becoming president of South Africa in May 1994, she was never the first lady of South Africa, as the couple had separated two years earlier after it was revealed that Winnie had been unfaithful during Nelson’s incarceration. Their divorce was finalized on 19 March 1996,[1]with an unspecified out-of-court settlement. Winnie Mandela’s attempt to obtain a settlement up to US$5 million, half of what she claimed her ex-husband was worth, was dismissed when she failed to appear at court for a financial settlement hearing.[2]

Winner is indeed rather glamorous in her own right. Today, she is a member of the South African Parliament.
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Orginally published November 10, 2010