Do more husbands need to "man up" in their marriages? Will that stem the divorce rate?

Kelly Ripa was the first person I heard use the term “man up” and she did so referring to Anderson Cooper who was guest hosting Live with Regis and Kelly one morning when Regis had the day off. Reege has now retired of course but Kelly’s words are still reverberating in my head. What does that mean, I asked myself, when you tell a man he needs to “man up?” First of all, I think I should never say that to a man. I think when you say to a man that he needs to “man up” he immediately feels like you’ve castrated him. The poor babies. And men don’t take kindly to castration….
Anyhoo, so, I thought up this post cause I’m sitting here in Starbucks with nothing constructive to do. I mean, I have a lot to do, but I can’t do it. I’m too stressed, too overwhelmed. So I’ve tuned out. I’m not doing anything today but update my blog, and work on my Facebook page. Have you checked out our Facebook page? I’m trying to make it interesting by pulling out the more “frivolous” posts (as if this entire blog does not smack of frivolity) but I am still not clear on how to navigate Facebook. I mean, how do I get followers on that thing? Should I be sending out a press release???
Anyhoo, so, do more men need to “man up” in their marriages? I think possibly. I mean, men today are very different from when I was on Earth the last time. I am used to very masculine, manly men who understand that they are the man. In this life, I find that it’s very different. They want it both ways. They only want to be the man when it is convenient. And when it’s not, they pull this woman’s Lib shit. It’s so boring and I hate boring.
What does it mean to man up, though? I don’t know. I think there’s a lot of confusion between the genders and it’s boring and I don’t think its particularly good for relationships and marriages in particular. But maybe it’s me who is boring. Maybe ambiguity is good. Maybe it lends for more equality in relationships. And that is good, right? I mean, I wouldn’t want to not be “equal.” But…I don’t know. I really should stop blogging and get some substantive work done.
Chock this post up to me slacking. I don’t know what man up means so I can’t really write this post. I think man up means that a man should be able to handle a woman who speaks her mind and not resort to throwing her all over the room, or slapping her, or calling her parents to come and get her, just because he doesn’t like what she says. Or even her non-verbal speech. That’s domestic violence and it results in divorce ultimately.
What do you think?