36 things to say and not to say to your spouse

What to say and not say to your spouse
1. Say: You rock
2. Don’t say: You suck
3. Say: You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.
4. Don’t say: You bring out the worst in me.
5. Say: I love it when you do that.
6. Don’t say: You are always so incredibly annoying
7. Say: I need you.
8. Don’t say: If you ever left me I’d kill myself.
9. Say: I love you
10. Don’t say: I’d love you if you changed your…
11. Say: You mean the world to me
12. Don’t say: My whole entire world revolves around you; I am nothing without you.
13. Say: Honey, could you please…
14. Don’t say: Bitch, where’s my dinner.
15. Say: I don’t like it when you…
16. Don’t say: You do that again and I will…
17. Say: You are so beautiful (sexy, special, unique)
18. Don’t say: You’re not that beautiful (sexy, special, unique), but…
19. Say: Your friend (sister, cousin, mother) has nothing on you
20. Don’t say: Your friend (sister, cousin, mother) is HOT!!!
21. Say: I was lucky to find you
22. Don’t say: You better count your lucky stars I ever gave you the time of day!
23. Say: You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
24. Don’t say: I was nobody till I found you.
25. Say: I like when you do that.
26. Don’t say: we are sexually incompatible.
27. Say: You’re hot!
28. Don’t say: You should get implants, you’ll be surprised how good you look.
29. Say: You are so curvy and round.
30. Don’t say: You’ve gained a lot of weight.
31. Say: You are so strong.
32. Don’t say: You have no muscles.
33. Say: When I’m with you there’s no place else I’d rather be.
34. Don’t say: I feel suffocated
35. Say: I get a little jealous when you flirt with other people.
36. Don’t say: If I see you talking to that son of a bitch again I will blow your brains out, you understand me???
35. Say: