The homewrecker

Kim Kardashian, La Briseuse de Ménage?
Bonsoir, toute le monde! I have the post-holidays blues so I’ve been sort of not my usual perky self today. Plus, I have to deal with a lot of details for a lot of different stuff I need to do and it just overwhelms me to the point that I just can’t act. So instead I laze around doing nothing and thinking about all the things I need to do. I didn’t even go to the gym. Then, when I really can’t stand it, I blog. You can tell a lot about my state of mind based on how much I blog. Now not only do I blog, I’ve begun to upload stuff on Facebook! – a platform I vowed I would never, ever use!!! It’s hilarious. I’m such an escape artist….I’m so ridiculous…
Anyhoo, I was reading on the Internet that Kim Kardashian was a homewrecker who allegedly homewrecked the home of Amber Rose and her ex boyfriend Kanye West. Apparently the former stripper and aspiring rapper, Miss Rose, has no love lost for Miss Kardashian because Miss Kardashian disrespected her relationshiop with Kanye West by sending Kanye “racy” pictures and basically cheating on both Kanye’s relationship with Miss Rose, and Miss Kardashian’s then relationship with her ex boyfriend Reggie Bush…are you following all this?
Well, anyhoo, I mean, I just thought, how can someone “homewreck” a home that is not even really a home? Don’t folks have to be married before they can say they have a “home”? Is Amber just getting publicity for some project she is working on? Or is she serious, or what? Amber was never marrried to Kanye. Therefore, Kim could not have wrecked that “home.”
That said, and I better watch my mouth so these hip hop folks don’t set me straight good and proper, I also don’t subscribe to this notion of another woman having the power to wreck another person’s home – even if there was a marriage. I think that is a way to blame women for men’s choices, actually. Typically in a homewreck scenario, at least as of this writing, a man has cheated on his wife with another woman; and the other woman is blamed for the man’s cheating instead of the man being held accountable for his own choice to go outside the marriage. It’s very sexist and mysogynistic, this phenomenon of “homewrecking.” You don’t typically hear of a man being called a homewrecker.
I think when a man goes outside of his relationship, it makes his wife or girlfriend feel powerless and unattractive and even desperate. And she lashes out. She has to blame someone; and historically, that someone is the other woman. She points fingers at the other woman to say, “it’s all your fault my relationship doesnt’ work.” It puts the blame, onus and power on the other woman; on something or someone outside the relationship.
But if you were a fly on the wall in that relationship, what you would probably discover is that there was rot there. The relationship was not working. It was already compromised. And so one of the two people in it began to look elsewhere for fulfillment of some void. They both know this. But the other woman has to blame someone other than herself. And the man is only too relieved that he doesn’t have to face up to his own shortcomings for having not been man enough to end the relationship before he started looking for something else. It’s easy to blame the other woman. It’s easy for those two people who failed at their own relationship, to blame the other woman.
This doesn’t hold true when the man has a gay relationship. Nobody calls his gay lover a “homewrecker.”
Isn’t that curious, to you? It’s awfully curious to me. It’s a bogus charge, too. There is no such thing as a homewrecker. Homes are wrecked by people inside them. Not by anything or anyone outside. What do you think? Agree or disagree?“`