Guiness Book of World Records on Marriage and Divorce

It popped into my head to consult the Guiness Book of World Records for some divorce stats and here’s what I found (if you care):
First, the most expensive divorce settlement to date was not all that outrageous. It was a mere 500 million pounds and it was between Adnan and Soraya Khashoggi. We just profiled Soraya in our 20 most glamorous divorced women and the men who divorced them post (you can get the link on our Facebook page) and it’s interesting how she holds that record since the last I heard of her, she was running a flower shop in London and she frankly didn’t look all that affluent. There is some hint that she may have misinvested quite a bit of her divorce settlement, but we don’t have the facts on this, so don’t quote us.
The second interesting Guiness fact is that the record for the most divorces between the same couple goes to a young couple in Ningbo China. They divorced and married each other 3 times in one year (2009). That’s hardly all that shocking, is it? I’ll bet you money that property had something to do with it.
The other record is for one Mr. Glynn Wolfe who is now deceased. He was divorced 29 times so he holds the Guiness Record for most divorces in one lifetime. His shortest marriage was 19 days so he has Kim Kardashian beat, though probably not Sinead O’Connor.
As for the marriage records, we found an old couple in South Carolina, Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher who have been married longer than anyone else on earth, about 86 years. They are both over 100 years old. They are on twitter, by the way. You can find them at!/longestmarried. Now, how messed up would that be if they decided to divorce after this lengthy marriage? It could happen, you know. I mean, I hope not, and I doubt it. But it’s not impossible.
The most expensive wedding goes to Vanisha Mittal and her husband Amid Bhatia. They were so in love they spent over $50 million dollars on their wedding. Well, her daddy footed the bill. He’s the fifth richest person in the world, ostensibly. Wonder what would happen if she ever divorced this guy? Do you think they have a prenup? I mean, what’s love got to do with it?
Has Samuel Jackson ever been divorced? Not sure, but he’s in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the “highest grossing actor of all time” with a gross of $7.4 billion. That is something his spouse may want to keep track of so that she can get her fair share if and when a divorce happens…although, the fact that he was in the highest grossing movies doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the highest paid or that he has the highest net worth. There’s a big difference between those two concepts. Just saying…