It’s high noon. Managed to get to the gym this morning and now I am boiling potatoes for a little lunch date I have going on. 🙂 Actually it’s not a date. I’m just making lunch for a friend, so I am doing mashed potatoes with a side of broccoli and I’ll be attempting some stewed beef as well. Not a big meat girl, but…this meat is organic. So it makes a little bit of a difference.
So, here we are. Am listening to jazz, cooking and blogging all at the same time. And you thought I couldn’t walk and chew gum…. What shall I talk about? How about chutzpah and hubris and schadenfreunde? Three words I like to see in print. But what do they got to do with divorce? Or marriage for that matter? Well, too much hubris can kill a marriage, can’t it? And it is your hubris that influences your chutzpah, isn’t it? And the fall out from your ego driven behavior? That’s all hubris. But in the aftermath, that’s where the schadenfreunde comes in.
You pay for everything you do. So don’t allow your hubris to make you do stuff you have to later on suffer the pay back for. Schadenfreude. Gwyneth Paltrow is the first person I heard use that word. I love that word. I may have spelled it wrong, though. I am such a bad speller!
Okay. I have to go. I just wanted to post on the word Hubris. What exactly is hubris, anyways? Hang on….checking the dictionary…it means “exaggerated pride and self-confidence.” Guard against that in your marriage. Practice humility. Humble yourself to your spouse. Remember what 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 said about love. It is not proud. It is humble. Be ye humble, darlings 🙂
Okay. Gotta run. I am fixing to burn my beef stew. That’s not very sexy, now is it?
Oh, yea, I forgot to say, too much Hubris leads to divorce. That’s the schadenfreude of hubris. Le Divorce.