The economy is supposedly picking up but still, for a lot of Americans, affording a divorce is a big issue, when you factor in that people are struggling just to pay their rent.
I was in court today and there was a line of people waiting to file pro se divorce actions because they can’t afford the nominal fees of paying an attorney to do an uncontested divorce. Can you imagine the situation when it is contested? Although, to contest a divorce, you are typically fighting over assets and where there are assets there’s some kind of cash to pay a lawyer. Even if it means pawning the engagement ring, know what I mean? People who have assets are not standing in line to get uncontested divorces because all the asset cases are usually contested — even when they agree on everything.
At least, that’s how it is in New York. New Yorkers fight over assets, big time. What a town, eh? I was just in Union Square buying some organic produce. I forgot how awesome this can be, buying produce in Union Square. It’s the greatest. I love this city! It’s just so friggin cold!……
Yea, but the rent is too damn high. People can’t afford to pay a divorce lawyer with rents like these. What’s the solution? Well, it’s either go pro se, or stay married. What can I tell ya?