Elin Nordegren the home-wrecking ex-wife of Tiger Woods back in spotlight

Elin Nordegren is a briseuse de ménage?
Word from TMZ and a bunch of other sources is that the former wife of American golfer Tiger Woods has wrecked a 12 million dollar mansion with her bare hands. That would make her a home-wrecker, no? Nah, only kidding. She didn’t do it with her bare hands, and she is not a homewrecker in the traditional meaning of the word; but she did wreck this new home she bought with some of her divorce settlement money.  Now all that’s left is a big, gaping hole where the mansion used to be. That must have been vaguely therapeutic for her, on the one hand. But on the other hand, it does make you wonder if maybe she’s not squandering her money? Some divorcees do that. They win a whole lot of money in their divorce settlement, and they just go bonkers. They think its billions of dollars and that it is an inpenetrable amout of wealth. But it really isn’t. Just ask Heather Mills McCartney and Eddie Murphy’s ex, Nicole Murphy and Soraya Khoshoggi. And so many others. The money can dry up. And so you shouldn’t be wasteful with it and demolish a perfectly good house, a great looking mansion that is worth over $12,000,000 just because you think, “I’m rich.” Yea, you’re rich today. But you know what? It’s not like you are continuing to earn money. So your wealth is very static. It does earn some interest, I am sure. But if you go at it like that and start squandering it like that, before you know it, there wont’ be any left. Just saying. It’s interesting, and it makes good news for divorce blogs and all, but Elin may want to think more conservatively with her cash. She’s one demolished mansion and a gigolo boyfriend away from the poor house. And before she knows it, she won’t even be getting child support for those kids because they won’t be minors anymore.