Is a divorce imminent for Oprah and her BFF Gayle King?

I don’t want to stir up trouble or anything, but I just read in the New York Post that Oprah’s best pal and side-kick Gayle King will be anchoring the morning show over at CBS and that she left her gig at OWN to do it. The way the writer of the piece put it is that Gayle left a “sinking ship.” And I thought, “wow. That’s major.” Because Oprah gave Gayle her own show on that cable network fiasco Oprah got herself into, and now, when the weather is not so fair, Gayle dumps Oprah and takes up with CBS? Are you serious??? After all the loving Oprah’s given Gayle for over 25 years???
Not for nothing, but Oprah made Gayle who she is. I hate to say it, but without Oprah, who the heck would care about Gayle King? Seriously. And it’s a bad thing to say but everybody knows this is true.  And I”m sorry to have to point that out, because I know Gayle has had her own accomplishments. She was in TV with Oprah back in the day before Oprah made it to the big time. So she has always had her identity. But it wuddn’t one that anybody cared about till Oprah started chanting, “my best friend Gayle” back in the 80s and all of a sudden, there was this personality, this character, this identity that Gayle took on. I’m sorry Gayle. But you know this is the truth.
And I’m sure they had problems in that friendship. Gayle was always in Oprah’s shadow. Don’t tell me she was never jealous. She was. Probablys secretly. I think it is also possible that Oprah had her own jealousies of Gayle too, don’t get me wrong. For one thing, Gayle was always thinner. But still. This was Oprah’s show, Oprah’s galaxy. She didn’t have to keep Gayle hanging on. She could have bought other best friends with all that money. But she was faithful to Gayle. She never cheated on her as a “best friend.”
And now, when Oprah is having probably the worse couple of years of her life, Gayle ups and abandons her, and goes to greener pastures??? That just seems very opportunistic to me. It seems very fair weatherish.
And frankly, if this ultimately leads to problems in their relationship, I would not be surprised. i.e., if Gayle achieves phenomenal success and Oprah tanks, it could be trouble in paradise for those two…But quite seriously, what was Oprah thinking canceling her show like that and going over to that cable channel? It seems to me that that was a gross miscalculation on her part. It wasn’t well thought out, it was ill-conceived and it was poorly executed as well. But you know, when life gives you lemons, what do you do?  If I were her here’s what I’d do:
1. Get a strong news program going with intelligent young anchors like Anderson Cooper. Well, maybe one good and sophisticated news show like Charlie Rose’s show will be good for folks who want some intelligent TV.
2. Buy a couple of those soap operas that ABC canceled, like All My Children and One Life to Live for folks who want some light entertainment during the daytime.
3. Get a rival morning talk show like Live, or even Good Morning America, with a strong lead personality like Joan Lunden or even Katie Couric (well, she may be taken but somebody huge…or make a star. Find someone who has the it factor and make them a star in the morning slot.)
4. Get a sensible, entertaining reality show cum the Kardashians that the young people will enjoy. Don’t go all Jersey Shore, or anything like that. But do get some interesting characters and personalities doing a show that blows the competition away. Why not profile Demi Moore and her daughters or even Nicole Richie and her new family…or, somebody on the level of Tori Spelling who needs to make a comeback and who’s a little bit hungry…Susan Lucci???
5. Put on some relationship shows. I already suggested a divorce show based on this blog but nobody listens to me. Well, fine, Oprah. Base it on HuffPost then. But just do it!
6. Do two shows with Oprah as the star. She’s started one. They need another one. This one could be her own reality show. What can I tell you? Profile her day to day. People will watch, like you have no idea. When the channel picks up, in a couple of years, slowly reduce her airtime to zero. By then, there will be all these other shows that are strong, it won’t make a dent.
7. Have a show that targets Hispanics. They are one of the fastest growing demographics. Tap that market, Oprah. What’s wrong with you??? It’s not rocket science, for chrissakes. Even I thunk of it.
8. Put on a nighttime soap opera like Melrose Place that caters to 30-50 year olds. Make it intelligent, funny, outrageous and splashy. Get good writers, though. Or don’t bother.
9. Hire a Regis type to do a “Who wants to be a millionaire” type of night time game show.
10.  Pay me to come up with some ideas. I am idea queen over here. I wanna tell you. I am idea QUEEN. You have no idea what I can come up with given the right incentives. 🙂
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