Marriage Tips from the World's Longest Married Couple according to Guiness Book of World Records – Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher

Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher are an inspiration to anyone who believes that marriage should be forever. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, they have been married for 85 years and counting! This African American couple from the American South, got married in 1924 and have somehow managed to keep their marriage strong and divorce-proof all these years, through world wars, tornadoes, at least 5 presidents, and a whole lot of hardships.

Guiness book record for longest marriage?

I went over to their Twitter page which you can access at!/longestmarried and here are some of the tips they dished out for what is the secret to their long and happy union:
1. They pray with and for each other every day.
2. They agreed that it was okay to disagree sometimes.
3. The only fought when it really mattered.
4. They learned to bend but not to break.
5. They realized that marriage was not a contest, so they did not “keep score.”
6. They viewed their marriage as a commitment to God.
7. They were always on the same team and they never lost sight of that.
8. They talked with each other and rocked in their rocking chairs and kept each other company – especially when the kids were gone.
9. They recognized that each was an individual – but they accomplished so much more as a team.
10. The husband wanted to be and was a good “provider” and the wife was a good cook; but the husband also surprised the wife by cooking for her on special occassions like Valentine’s Day or her birthday.
11. They are best friends. And they were before they even got married.
12. For them, divorce was not an option – it wasn’t even a thought.
13. They respected, supported and communicated with each other. They were faithful, honest and true to each other.   They love each other with ALL their hearts.