Divorcee and Briseuse de menage Angelina Jolie gets cold reception for her directorial debut

Angelina Jolie is gorgeous and everybody knows by now that she’s twice a divorcée and once (or twice) a briseuse de ménage, mother of six and Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations. But most people seem to have forgotten that she recently became a writer and movie director because her movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, has pulled in less than $100,000 since it opened on December 23, 2011. That is a great humiliation for the Oscar Winner and Good Will Ambassador. It begs the question: why? Why haven’t people gone out to see the movie even though she did her darndest to promote it, even though she’s such a big name? Is it the divorce? Is it because she was seen by many as a “homewrecker” who destroyed Jennifer Aniston’s happy home? I don’t think so. I know Jen has been quoted as saying, “What Angelina did was not cool.” But you know what? Even though I’m a huge Jen fan, I don’t place the blame for the divorce on Angelina. And I don’t think most people do either. I place the blame on Brad. And on Jen. They were not happy. The marriage was unviable. That’s what happened. They are both better suited to someone else. Was Angelina the catalyst? Yes, you could say she was catalytic in regard to that divorce. But she wasn’t the one who homewrecked that marriage. Those two people Jen and Brad did that themselves.
So if it isn’t the divorce, why haven’t people gone to see the movie? I saw a little glimpse of the trailer and it looks great! I can’t wait till its on Netflix. I am a uge Netflix junkie and I just love watching movies almost everyday since I discovered Netflix late last year. I’ve read a couple of reviews and it seems that there are mixed reviews for the movie, which is a love story set in Bosnia. The actors are local Bosnians and there are English subtitles. I love that kind of movie. Very sexy. I spend a lot of time watching French movies with English subtitles. I think there is something very sophisticated and intelligent about a lot of foreign films. That Angelina did her movie with subtitles is cool, in my opinion. I really would like to see it when it goes to DVD. But as far as the reason for it bombing the way it did, one guy implies its jealousy.
He thinks people have stereotyped Angelina as a bad girl, homewrecker, octomom, globetrotter and they don’t take her seriously with her new role as a director. They just can’t make the jump and see her as this serious director who could make a serious movie. I can see that. I think it’s wrong, though. I have that problem in my own life where people like to keep me in a box. They won’t let me out. They won’t let me be. They decide what I am capable of and then when I blow their pants off with my awesomeness, they actually can get pretty vicious. They do everything to clip my wings. My friend once said, “tone it down. People can’t handle too much fabulousness.” And I think that is true. For a lot of us. People see you how they see you and even when you prove them wrong, they won’t let you. They will either just ignore you, or they clip your wings or do whatever it takes to make you fail, to make you go away.
Poor Angelina. She must be slightly humiliated. But I hope she doesn’t let this stop her from exploring directing. The thing is, I think if she had come out with a frivolous movie, it would have been better received because people see her as slightly frivolous. Maybe not as frivolous as other women in Hollywood, but frivolous nonetheless. If she had done a movie about a mom with kids and all the attendant drama to that, it would have been better received. She came out with a serious, thought-provoking movie about war, in war torn Bosnia, with English subtitles. It’s like, who the hell does she think she is? You know? People are not willing to accept her in that role.
It’s a lesson to us all: Be who they need you to be and you will be successful. Just ask Oprah. She was fine when she had a talk show. They loved her. But now she wants a whole phocking network? Not going to happen. Ultra vires. They will make her fail….it happens to us all. No matter what our station in life. There is a limit of how far people will allow you to go. At least those two should be thankful they got as far as they got, though. It could be a lot worse. They could be me.
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