In the boudoir: Is it time to adjust the thermostat?

Giggle, giggle.
I was reading a magazine while in the loo this morning (that’s where I do my best thinking, I gotta say). It was an interior decorating magazine (btw, I am an avid collector of interior design magazines as I love beautiful furniture and interiors). Anyhoo, one of the articles was about this former Apple employee who’s designed these new “green” thermostats called the “Nests Thermostats.” I immediately thought of the word thermostat and said to myself, “hm…how can I get a post out of that word??” And, voila! I thought of this title, In the boudoir: Is it time to adjust the thermostat? Isn’t that incredibly clever??? 🙂
D’accord. So now I have to deliver the post.  What can I say about the boudoir and the thermostat that is not singularly ridiculous?  Jeeze, I don’t know…Um…well, I guess if the thermostat in your boudoir is turned all the way down low, then it’s rather cold in there, isn’t it? And when it’s that cold, well, two things can happen: you start to snuggle more, or one of you basically walks out and starts looking for warmer boudoirs, if you know what I mean. Or metaphorically, a low index on the thermostat could mean there’s no hanky panky going on. That’s obviously problematic on many fronts…
That’s one concept with the thermostat.
Another concept is that you need to inch the heat up in your boudoir.  I mean, this whole thing with marriage is that you can’t sort of keep the temperature at the same place all the time. You have to adjust it over the course of time. Sometimes, it’s cooler and you snuggle. Sometimes its warmer and you sweat. (LOL). Sometimes its in between. I guess.  The Nests Thermostats have all these different levels, btw. The red is when its really hot.  White is when its really cold. And black is when nothing is going on. Or something like that. You can Google or Bing it and see for yourself….
Mostly, metaphorically, I’m thinking people want the heat index in their boudoir on high. They want to sweat. Typcially. I am thinking. So if you’re in this rut, like a boudoir rut, maybe the solution is going to be upping the heat index on the thermostat. And how that is going to play out is up to you and your spouse. To me, that means that maybe you buy new lingerie (in which case you need to read our post Lingerie to Save Your Marriage which probably appears at the bottom of this page in the “similar posts.”) Or maybe your husband will start to take…what is that thing called, that pill? Um….Viagra…? That’s a pill, right? I was never perfectly clear on what Viagra actually is….Or, let’s see…maybe you could get a new bed. My friend whom I will call “N” tells me all these stories about her new bed. She and her husband have been married for over 30 years and they bought a new bed with new headboards and a canopy. And basically, I almost requested that she drew me a diagram because, frankly, I don’t really get what she means. Quite seriously I really don’t. I am having trouble visualizing their shenanigans. But it seems the canopy and headboards are very pivotal to their whole experience and I’m just like, “ok, whatever. That’s really advanced,” you know? But she seems to be having loads of fun and I suspect that their thermostat is on top degrees, and they have been married, as I said for over 3o years and there is no sign they will ever divorce! So there you go. If you want to save your marriage, you need to think about the thermostat in your boudoir and using it to your advantage to maximize your…whatever.
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