BANGALORE: NGO Rafaa makes strides helping "unfairly divorced women" and young girls get a second chance

If you are looking for an NGO to support, I found this interesting one in Bangalore India. Now, I don’t know anything about it except what I read on the Internet. But it seems they are working with indigent girls, and women who have been “unfairly divorced” to lift their spirits and help them with vocational skills. And they have been getting good press in India as well, as being very effective in meeting their object and purpose. You can find their link here: Again, we have no affilation with this organization and cannot vouch for it one way or another. The only thing is it sounds like a noble organization with a noble cause of helping divorced women and children. You would have to do your own home work and figure out if its an organization you want to support. But we just wanted to spread the word about them.
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