BEIJING: Post office in China's largest city offers special "love letter" service to help stem rising divorce rate

Beijing Post Office offers love letter service to stem divorce rate in the densely populated city

Beijing is famous for more than just Peking Duck (btw, when I was in Beijing this past summer, I did go out for Peking Duck…but I was slightly underwhelmed by it…wonder if it’s because I don’t really enjoy meat?). Anyways, Beijing is  also known for its smog, and increasingly, it is being viewed as one of the major divorce capitals in the East. Why that is is not altogether clear, although some people say it’s all the “stress” that comes from globalization and the young rich Chinese not having as much time for marriage and family as the become increasingly obsessed with becoming millionaires.

Evidently, that is why the Beijing post has come out with this new plan of attack. Now, you’ve probably already read about this on Huffpost Divorce as they are the authority on all the new divorce news these days. But I’ve just discovered that the Beijing Post Office has launched this program that plays on the Seven Year Itch concept. What they do is they offer couples the chance to send love letters with a seven year delay to their spouses. So the couples store the letter at the Beijing Post Office and it is delivered seven years later and this ostensibly is an incentive for couples to stay together and not get divorced.
Isn’t that a wild concept? And it’s not a joke. It was launched jointly with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau according to this website I stumbled upon while doing research for a project I am working on. A post office  official reportedly proclaimed, “special stamps, postmarks, postcards, envelopes, and even a love passport which can be stamped every anniversary, make up the romantic product range available from China’s Post Office.”
Not exactly sure how this will stem the divorce rate in Beijing which has reportedly doubled since 2001, but at least, it’s a cute idea, isn’t it? Maybe it will catch on in the West, who knows?
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