A Divorce Hashtag

When I thunk up this hashtag, thelasttimeIsawmyspousenaked I was sitting on my bed looking out the window at the church where the bells chime on the hour every hour and where young brides parade every weekend in fancy white dresses with big smiles on their faces and all the hope to fill the Grand Canyon that everything would work out for the best and they will live happily ever after.
I don’t live there anymore.
But I remember thinking¬† that it boggled my mind that one day, these happy couples would reminisce about the good old days, that there could come the day that they forgot what their spouse looks like without any clothes on. I don’t know why I thought of this. It could be a sign of immaturity. I have that problem, you know. I haven’t grown up. And it’s not cute. And I think like an immature adolescent sometimes, about nonsense, like “thelasttimeIsawmyspousenaked….” This happens when I am in the middle of really serious situations, though, and I need to escape…. I am escaping….escaping….escaping….
So, these brides. Will one day reminisce about¬† (and he or she could be deep in his seventies or eighties at this point) the last time they saw their spouse naked. I really thought that was slightly hilarious. Well, it was entertaining. Much more so than the paper I’m working on right now about the Cold War detente.