You're not listening! Why your failure to listen can be the worse thing for your marriage

Could inferior listening skills lead to divorce? Arguably, yes. Listening to your spouse, or at least appearing to listen to your spouse is a way you validate your spouse, a way to show respect, concern, interest, appreciation, attraction, even love. I mean, think about it: we ignore people we don’t like for the most part unless we choose to bully them instead. We don’t care what they have to say. On the other hand, when we are interested in someone, we hang on to their every word and babble.
When spouses get a┬á point that they are no longer “listening” to each other, it could be a sign of relationship fatigue, boredom, loss of interest and loss of respect. It seriously could signal very deep and fundamental problems in the marriage.
Sure, there is the problem of having to listen to a “nag” or a grumpy old grouch. So it’s not always about lack of respect or that the marriage is in trouble; that’s forgivable for the most part. Sometimes we have to tune our significant other out just for our sanity’s sake. It’s more polite than demanding, “can you please shut UP?” And that’s okay.
But still. As a general rule, it’s rude not to listen and to routinely just tune out your spouse. It’s inconsiderate. And it’s a sign you are taking your spouse for granted. You should guard against that, for the health and longevity of your marriage.
–By Jeannie Goldstein, Marriage Counselor and Therapist to the Stars. ­čÖé