10 ways to have a guilt-free affair

Well, Pollyanna, who by the way is Catholic and possibly the most guilt-ridden person in the entire universe, has decided to post on how to have a guilt free affair. This is not to say she is above having an affair. But guilt free? This should be fun! 🙂
1. Get drunk each time you do it.
2. Build up a healthy contempt for your spouse at the appropriate moments (makes it easier.)(
3. Write down the justifications so you can see clearly why its no big deal. Do pros and cons.
4. Take care of things at home first, so that everybody is happy. (wink, wink)
5. Be up front and honest that you’re having an affair (at least he or she can’t call you a “lying” cheat on top of being a cheat.)
6.  Be clear in your intentions that you will never seek a divorce. (Make sure everyone knows your intentions)
7.  Use prophylactics, always so it’s not like you will be the next “Terminator.”
8. Regularly go to confession after every episode of infidelity.
9. Do it just for research on a book, in which case it doesn’t really count.
10. Do it with someone who is also married or in a committed relationship.
11. Don’t divorce your spouse for the paramour.