HuffPost reports that Halle Berry is engaged to Olivier Martinez…but she said she was done with marriage!

Guess this means I’m back to reading Huffpost Divorce, eh? 🙂 Well, they’ve been doing their own thing and I’ve been doing my own thing so that initial “spat” is all water under the bridge and I do check them out from time to time now. Indeed, I just learned Halle got engaged from them at this link:
I specifically heard Halle tell Oprah, myself, that she was done with marriage. I specifically did. So I am shocked. Don’t get me wrong: I am the worlds biggest mind-changer and nobody who knows me even listens to anything I saw anymore since they know I will do a 180 in under 24 hours. But I at least expect that my movie stars can be depended on to do what they say and when someone comes out and says “I WILL NEVER GET MARRIED AGAIN” you sort of expect her to keep her word for at least 5 years after that. Seriously.
Don’t get me wrong. Olivier is hot. He’s French. Not that all Frenchmen are hot. Some are not all that hot. But Olivier looks like a romantic guy, I think he fancies himself in love with her, and her with him. Wonder if they will have babies? At 45 she could still pull off maybe one more. But it will be hard. And given the custody battles she’s had with Gabriel Aubry, daughter Nahla’s baby-daddy, I don’t know if she would be so inclined.
But I am happy for Miss Halle that she is still soft-hearted enough to change her mind about something like this. I hope that, as Huffpost said, “the third time is a charm” for her. She deserves happiness. We all do. And I hope this time she has found it and there won’t  be a third D-I-V-O-R-C-E.