Is your unhappy marriage a curse?

Well, Jeannie’s sitting in a MacDonald’s restaurant in Houston nursing an Angus Burger with Fries, catsup, and a cuppa hot tea. Luckily for you all, the place has wifi. So that means Jeannie can hit her blog while she waits for the Bus to get her back to her hotel. Some oldie song is on, “Make the World Go Away.” Is that Jim Reeves?….my mom used to listen to him a lot. I think it might be Jim Reeves.


But it’s kinda depressing me, this music. When my mom used to put some of that stuff on when I was a teenager, I’d get so emotionally desperate for an escape that I’d fantasize about throwing myself out of our fifth story window, just to escape the depression it brought on…. So I won’t probably stay too long in this joint, lest I should kill myself in Houston, Texas. 🙂 (Only kidding!!!)
Anyhoo, I was wondering: could the reason that you’re marriage is on the rocks have to do with a “curse” that you have been branded with? That is, no matter what you did, maybe the marriage wasn’t going to work out anyway, and its not your fault. It’s some inexplicable thing or force that has predetermined your destiny not just with this marriage, but maybe with relationships in general? Have you ever thought of that? Have you ever felt that? I’ve sometimes wondered if maybe curses are real, and that different people get different curses. And that one curse is the curse of being doomed to failed relationships?
……….but then again, some people just know how to pick em. Some people are just loser magnets. Some people just are doomed to unhappy marriages and relationships because they are bad at picking. They always gravitate to people who are just wrong for them in one way or another. Could you be one of those people? Have you thought about it? And that means its not your fault. It’s a curse that’s been put on you,  a hex. And there’s nothing you can do about it.
I personally think that maybe some people are destined to have happier marriages and relationships than other people. I believe that. They are just luckier and they are just blessed with the ability to pick right. They think its all their “hard work,” but when you think about it, everybody works hard. But very few people are billionaires. If hard work was the test, everybody would be a billionaire.
Likewise, in relationships and marriages, most people want them to work out and work at it — really hard. But for some people, no matter what they do, it will never work — with anyone. They are just “cursed” to have unhealthy, unhappy marriages and relationships. They are doomed to it. I know this sounds fatalistic. But I think its true.
Do you agree or disagree? Could some people just have a “marriage curse?” Like some celebrities who keep getting married and divorced all the time, is it them? Or are they just cursed? And what is the solution? Should they stop getting married and grow old, grey and lonely? Or should they say phock it and keep doing it, since, it doesn’t really matter in the end anyway?
…I don’t like the music they’re playing in this joint. At all….I gotta get out of here, stat.