The love nest: Could where you live be leading you inexorably to divorce?

It may not be totally ridiculous to posit that your home can either wreck or save your marriage. I think that that is totally a reasonable theory. In other words if you live in a love nest, you are more likely to stay married than if you live in a hoarder’s pig sty. Although, I have to say I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Hoarders and often times the couples are living together in the squalor, coexisting in the filth as if they live on an ocean front beachhouse in Malibu. Whereas, other people living in palatial digs in the poshest of zip codes and they can’t hang on to their marriage to save their lives.
So maybe I’m wrong about this theory.
Or maybe there are just exceptions.
I think a happy home is most often than not one that is pleasing to the senses. And a pig sty is only pleasing to the senses of pigs.
So that must mean that where you live can lead you inexorably to divorce if you are living someplace that one or both of you find less than “livable.”
I believe in creating a love nest for yourself and your mate. It doesn’t have to be all Martha Stewart. But it should be clean, it should smell good, and it should have meaningful objects of art (even if its just photographs of your children), soft, cozy fabrics (so that you can sink into the  plush softness of the chairs, beds and cushions) and it should smell like love as opposed to a garbage dump.
A love nest will mean different things to different people, of course. I see it as a place with a lot of light that you can darken when the mood is one where you prefer a little more shadows than too much sun. It’s definitely small as opposed to huge, no more than 3 bedrooms. It’s got a fireplace. A tight but efficient kitchen that is equipped with romantic ware such as porcelain tea cups and breakfast-in-bed trays; and a bedroom that looks out on water. There has to be a old fashioned bathtub in it too, so you can be a couple of water “nymphs and satyrs” when the mood strikes, taking bubble baths together…. ( I read that line today, “nymphs and satyrs” and I thought it was a good line, so I use it at my own peril, not being 100% sure who and what they are. 🙂 )
But other people need other things.
They may require snow. I love snow. But I also love the warm weather. So I may need two love nests. One for the day day, and then the mountain lodge in Tulleride for snowy weekends..
Whatever. The point is, romance needs a romantic venue. Otherwise, it can die. And when dies, so does your marriage.