Heather Locklear's divorce from Richie Sambora at the root of her sadness?

Why is Heather Locklear so sad? The former Melrose Actress was released from ICU in Los Angeles today after a few days where she had been admitted, ostensibly because she had od’d on prescription drugs and alcohol. Heather has been having trouble now for several years following her divorce from Richie Sambora, of Bon Jovi. Her unraveling is quite astonishing. I remember Heather in her heyday when she was the hottest babe on TV. As a teenager, I could only dream that in my next life I’d come back to earth looking like someone like Heather Locklear. She had it all. I’ve seen re-runs of Dynasty when she was just unbelievable, so young, so beautiful. Then I see this image on Yahoo  News and I stare in shock. http://tv.yahoo.com/news/heather-locklear-rushed-to-hospital.html
I mean, how does it get to that from where she was? What mistakes did she make? She had it all, now she looks like she has nothing to live for. What is it? Was it the divorce from Richie Sambora? I think she loved Richie. They have a beautiful teen age daughter, Ava. I remember Heather way back when  she was dating Tommy Lee. He had all these tattoes and I remember wondering why Heather, who in my eyes at the time was so HUGE would date a guy like Tommy Lee. And then she h0oked up with Richie and I figured it must be her type.
I think the divorce hit her hard and then Denise Richards started to date him right after he and Heather divorced. That must have been awful. And apparently Heather needed psychological treatment in Arizona to cope with the depression of the divorce and having to watch her former BFF gallivanting with your ex. Not so sure when she was arrested for DUI but it could have been around the same time as the divorce from Richie.
But she had a few years of sobriety. And then she started to date her Melrose costar Jack Wagner. Before Melrose Jack used to be on General Hospital. He played this guy named Frisco and Frisco had this relationship with this character named Felicia and they married both on the show and off. Then Jack divorced Felicia and took up with Heather. And they had an off again on again relationship.
They got engaged and were going to get married, but sometime last year, they broke off the engagement. Now, once again, Heather starts to drink and take prescription drugs (allegedly) and now she was so in “danger” that her sister called 911 and Heather spent several days in ICU.
This is worrisome.
I hope Heather beats this. Maybe she’s depressed about her career as well. She hasn’t worked in a long time, I don’t think. Maybe the jobs stopped coming in and that depressed her even more. These Hollywood actresses are so fragile. Some of them don’t understand how fleeting youth and outward beauty is. They think they will be young and beautiful forever. Then they stop getting work and they fall apart.
The trick for them, I think, is to do what Jennifer Aniston did. Start your own production company. Create your own work. Stay in the public eye as well. Don’t allow them to forget about you. Hook up with high profile men even if they dump you spectacularly, at least it makes you an interesting magazine cover.  And diversify your portfolio. You can’t just be content to sit and wait for directors to call you to be in their show. You need endorsement contracts, you need magazine spreads, you need to have a blog, you need a reality show, you need all sorts of stuff…!
Heather should do a reality show on OWN. Oprah could use the ratings and Heather could use the work. I mean, if Oprah could give Tatum and Ryan O’Neal a reality show (is that thing still on???) then she can sign a deal with Heather Locklear. I bet you that would get better ratings than Ryan and Tatum.
But seriously, if Heather is depressed about her work life or her personal life, she should try prayer as well. That works wonders. She should pray. People think there is no God but they are wrong. God exists. And he helps us all if we ask for help, no matter who we are. So Heather should pray. And she should go out there and create new work for herself so that she is so busy she has no time to be depressed. That is the thing with being busy. Then you have no time to be depressed. It doesn’t make a difference who you are.
Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alan-light/2078349596/sizes/m/in/photostream/