Kardashian girls' divorce updates

There is much speculation that Kim Kardashian’s premature divorce from husband Kris Humphries may indeed have caused some damage to the Kardashian brand. Forbes is refuting this, but other sources are saying that while ratings are up on the show, endorsement deals are down and so are magazine sales involving the Kardashian franchise. Seems folks have really had a tough time coming to terms with the off-handed, less than respectful way that Kim Kardashian treated and handled her marriage to her NBA husband, who, by the way, is also getting no respect as he is routinely booed when he shows up for games.
Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian has her share of worries. It’s been reported that her husband Lamar Odom was cavorting with strippers at a gentleman’s club in D.C….or was it in Dallas? Not sure. But he apparently was paying tips to a bunch of strippers who gave lap dances (whole Khloe was left at home to cuddle with her teddy bear) and he reportedly disappeared with one of the girls at one point, only nobody knows where he went and what he was doing.  Does this spell trouble for Khloe who has been refuting rumors about her biological identity recently as well? Hard to tell. Khloe has come out swinging against two ex wives of her father Robert Kardashian who claim that the late OJ Simpson attorney told them that he was not Khloe’s biological father. Apparently Khloe’s mother Kris has copped to having had a bunch of extra marital affairs while married to Robert and so there’s all this speculation that Khloe is a product of the shenanigans of one of those affairs. I did not read her memoir, so I do not know for sure she copped to this. But I read somewhere that indeed she copped to some naughty behavior while married to Robert Kardashian. If true, I am sincerely shocked. Kris seems like a straight shooter to me.
Proof presented by the father’s ex wives is the fact that Khloe is a natural blond whereas all the others have black hair. Plus, she is so tall….inneresting…I’ve always wondered how come she is so incredibly tall as compared to her sisters. She does seem a misfit. But that happens. You’d be surprised that she looks exactly like her father’s maternal grandmother once removed, or something like that. That is genetics for you. It skips generations, it does all sorts of crazy stuff. Siblings don’t always look alike. So the fact that Khloe is taller and lighter than her siblings is not dispositive that Mr. Kardashian is not her biological father.
But it must be distracting for her, and so she doesn’t need her husband horsing around on top of it all to add “Is Khloe and Lamar getting divorced” rumors  to the whole sordid mess.
Meanwhile, the only persons definitely not getting divorced are Kris and Bruce. Bruce has been quoted as saying that Kris is the best thing that ever happened to him and that he’ll only consider divorce when gay marriage gets over-ruled in New York state.
Kourtney and Scott, as always, are very secure in their relationship. They don’t need a piece of paper to prove they are committed to their family.
Stay tuned for updates.