Should Halle Berry insist that fiance Olivier Martinez sign a prenup?


Halle Berry and French heart throb Olivier Martinez recently announced their engagement. The news was surprising, unexpected, but exciting. Halle is getting married! Halle is getting married! But is Halle also getting a prenuptial agreement?! One can only hope. Halle has not always made the best relationship decisions, has she? She certainly has not made the best decisions when it came to selecting a spouse. The last two guys she married could not have been more wrong for her, even though both of them, like Martinez, were absolutely gorgeous. She definitely has a certain taste in men, doesn’t she? She likes the good-looking guy who other women can only dream of dating. She even jumped the shark with Gabriel, who, crazily, was much better looking than the comely Oscar winning actress. As if that is even possible! Ya know?!

So, it got me to thinking that Halle really needs to be serious and mature and thoughtful with her next and third marriage. While it appears, at least on the surface, that Olivier is really into her, men can be mercurial in their feelings for a woman. And I suppose we for them, as well. And that’s not even the point. The point is that Halle and Olivier absolutely must sign a prenup. I don’t know his background, although what I did read online suggests that he is not from money. He is from a working class family in Paris. He grew up in a Paris suburb and his mother was a secretary, his father a mechanic. So he is self-made. Which is great. But Halle is probably more affluent than he. He’s had some commercial success, of course, but nothing on the level of Halle, financially.
She needs to  protect her assets with a prenup. Although, I should give her more credit. She did have a prenup with her second husband, the philandering Eric Benet and I believe he challenged it, and lost.  So she is not completely dumb when it comes to her relationships. She does do her c-y-a homework.  And I trust she will also do so with Olivier, notwithstanding his great pulchritude and seeming perfection. Because, not for nothing, but her track record with relationships is not that great and she knows how to pick em. She really, really does. If she ever divorced Olivier, it wouldn’t exactly shock my pants off. He’s had his share of high profile relationships too. He’s shacked up with Juliette Binoche, and was with Kyle Minoque (that is wrong spelling, sorry).. But they sure are cute together. She almost looks like she could have been carved from his rib, doesn’t she? They really, really match those two and I hope it lasts forever. I  wish them the very best. But in the meantime, Halle, please, do God Bless you, sign a prenup! Ya hear?
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