Golden Globes Divorce Gossip: Is it true that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have split? Is that the reason for their no show?

I have been combing the Internet all day to find Jennifer Aniston’s pics from the Golden Globes as I don’t have a working television and did not watch the show live. I wanted to see how her dress stacked up against the other actresses, call me shallow…and I specifically wanted to see how she looked next to you-know-who, who, admittedly, was stunning in her pics even though she failed to win the Globe for Best Foreign Film for In the Land of Blood and Honey in spite of heavy self-promotion, and personal calls to Globes voters from the actress/director herself.
Well, needless to say, I could find not a single picture of Ms. Aniston. Not one. I wondered, where the heck is Jennifer? I mean, even Kim Kardashian was there, Paris Hilton, beacoup de gen who are not even real “stars.” Where’s Jen, I wondered? Come to find out, a bunch of sources are claiming that she did not show because she and Justin have split. That’s right, another boyfriend divorce for Jen. Can that be true??? Can that be remotely true??? Say it isn’t so. Please say it isn’t so. I wish happiness for Jen. I wish marriage, kids, love, all that for her. And she really wants it to work with Justin. So I hope he hasn’t broken her hear, already. Although, I think their relationship did start off a bit fast and furious. I fear that it could have fizzled, or is fizzling.
I saw pics of them in Telluride over the holiday weekend. They didn’t look as happy as the earlier pictures taken when they first hooked up. A bell went off in my head. They both looked so strained, you know? I worry…
Jen! You’re happy, right? Justin is the one, right?!
You know what? I think she did this on purpose. She was a no show because she didn’t want to be compared to Angelina anymore. It’s totally what I would do. She has nothing to prove and she wants privacy with her relationship and she doesn’t want to be fodder anymore. That is what I think happened. She just felt like, “let em think whatever they want; I am not going to be their entertainment anymore.” And so she just didn’t show up. She stayed home with her man and they probably had a pajama party eating popcorn and marshmallow and watched the whole thing on TV.
I think her no show is a sign that she is empowered¬† by her new relationship with Justin. If it were not so, she’d show up to prove how happy she is. She has nothing to prove. Nothing. So she stayed home and let the gossip mongers think whatever they want. And we all fell for it!
Oh, Jen. You are a genius, girl. You are a genius.
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