Heidi Klum is reportedly divorcing hubby of 7 years, Seal – was it the 7 year itch?

Did Heidi or Seal get the 7 year itch?
Just saw that Heidi Klum and Seal were trending on Twitter, so I took a look and discovered that the news is not good. The Project Runaway hottie and her striking husband are calling it quits, per reports from People and TMZ. The German bikini goddess and supermodel will be filing papers shortly.   🙁 Sorry guys, that it didn’t work out. You looked so happy together! How many times did you renew your vows?! That’s always a sign. Whenever you see people constantly renewing theirs vows, watch out. It typifies brewing and simmering trouble in a marriage when they start with the vow renewals.  Solidly married people don’t need to do that. That typically happens when folks are trying to keep the ship from sinking, from taking in too much water. But it’s usually futile…. Poor little things….
I wonder if this will get nasty? I wonder if they signed a prenup? What about the kids??? There are four of them. Three of the marriage. What if he wants custody? And you know the fact that this is a Black/white couple that it’s going to just light the Internet up.  Sheesh.
Well, for their sakes, if the rumours are true, I hope they can work it out amicably.  Again, my condolences. foto credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/jingdianmeinv1/4016213941/sizes/m/in/photostream/