Your tongue

Do you know that that tongue of yours can wreck your marriage?! No, I’m very serious. It occurred to me that I’ve been remiss in not pointing that out in six years. Because it is one of the biggest issues in a marriage: the tongue. And take it with the grain of salt because this preacher is no angel when it comes to that issue. It has always been my weapon of choice, this tongue of mine. My first boyfriend used to find it mildly amusing. He’d say ” you can’t do a thing to help yourself, but you got that tongue,” as he’d manhandle me with one arm so I physically am incapable of defending myself, but boy, I would still rant and rave at whatever it was I was unhappy about. And sometimes, I’d say things I would later regret.
I think women more have this issue than men. And its understandable. It’s all we have. Men can shut us out. They are cooler emotionally. And some of them, if they really want to, they can just shut you up with their fist. They don’t need a tongue for a weapon when they have that fist which keeps you in line without them even having to use it. Some of them call it nagging. No woman wants to be a nag. And they just tune you out.
But there are times when its more than nagging. The tongue can really abuse. And words can hurt sometimes more than even the fist. And it can lead to the destruction of relationships. Because once you utter these bullets, you can’t pull em back. I just was thinking about that, as I was on my way to my favorite haunt where I do my writing these days. And I said, “you’ve got to put a post up on the Saloon about that.” So there you are. The tongue. You need to watch it if you want to save your marriage.
What you say matters…