Is Alicia Keys going to divorce Swizz Beatz

I’m not even going to pretend I know anything about the world of Hip Hop and all the cool people in it. I’ve always been chronically and tragically uncool my whole life and Hip Hoppers just laugh at girls like me. I am like the laughingstock for cool people in this world. So let’s just start with that disclaimer. I AM NOT COOL LIKE THE COOL PEOPLE.¬†
But I am cool enough to know that Alicia Keys sings cool songs (She did one with Jay Z called “New York” which I love!) and she got married to this guy with a bizarre name, Swizz Beatz (I hope to god I’m spelling his name right). And I remember the pics of their wedding came out and were beautiful. It was someplace exotic they got married. I almost want to say it was in Italy or Ibiza or someplace like that… so it’s not like I don’t have any creds at all. I do know that Alicia married Swizz a few years back and they have a baby. Matter of fact, she was pregnant when she got married if memory serves me correctly. And he was either married when they met, or in a serious relationship, or something like that. There was some drama, for sure.
Anyhoo, all that said, turns out that Swizz is CEO of some company in Hong Kong called Megaupload and the company was hit yesterday with this massive indictment by the Justice Department for copyright infringement and so there were a bunch of arrests, and if convicted, they will be facing 50 years in jail!
As CEO, though, Swizz was spared, at least for now, a criminal indictment in this matter and so everyone is speculating about his real involvement with the company. The thing though, is, the Justice Department is just getting started, and may be saving the big arrest for a few more days or weeks as the case may be, as they build their case against Swizz.
So that got me to thinking about Alicia and the baby. What if Swizz is indicted in this matter? If he’s indicted and convicted, Alicia can pretty much obtain a divorce on the basis of his imprisonment. But what if she wants to jump ship before that? I suspect she won’t do that to him. But some people do. When trouble like this comes knocking, they go running in the other direction. Because this reflects on Alicia. All the reports I read identified Swizz (whose real name is apparently Kasseem Dean or something like that) as “Alicia Keys’ Husband.” Don’t you love it? So now this whole mess is being imputed to Alicia because of who she is married to.
That’s one of the things that scares me about marriage. How just by virtue of who you marry, you can become the face and name of all sorts of filth. People will impute it to you, taking it off your spouse, just because maybe you’re more famous or something. It’s not right. It’s not fair. But it is what it is I guess.
Anyways, I hope Swizz gets good legal counsel and gets himself out of this mess. 50 years is a lot of life to waste behind bars just because you didn’t do your “due diligence” and investigate a business venture before you signed on as CEO.