When your wife is a hoochie mama, can your marriage be saved?

It cannot be a simple task to handle marriage to a hoochie mama.  Now, what, you ask is a hoochie mama? Let me get you a definition in the Urban Dictionary…… Hang on……………………………………….wow…on second thought, maybe not. It’s a lot worse than I thought. I suspect maybe hoochie mamas could cause their husbands to get arrested. It would be a lot of stress handling a wife who is a hoochie mama. She apparently always dresses in tight clothes, flirts, has different kids with different fathers, and her decolletage hangs out of her dress quite frequently. Plus she gets a lot of attention from men because she pretty much demands the attention. Indeed, its another word for s!@+ in some circles. So how does a husband circumnavigate marriage to a hoochie mama? (And by the way, apparently this is not just applicable to urban women, any woman, even if she lives in, say, Switzerland, can be a hoochie mama if she fits the above criteria)
I have no idea. I’m thinking he gets a cage and lock her in it. I mean, unless you’re Pam Anderson (who by the way only has kids with one guy) a wife should not be going out the house with her boobs hanging out. If she insists on doing this after you have cautioned her to watch her sartorial manners? Lock that beyatch in a cage. And don’t let her out except to go potty.