Oscar curse, 2012: Which star will get divorced shortly after winning the Academy Award this year?

Hello dolls! (Yes, I think I”m Kim Kardashian, hahahahahaha ūüôā )
Well, not much in the divorce universe today. Even Huffpost seems pretty quiet today. I’m sitting in a small cafe in a nondescript building in Houston and I just figured if there is no news, make some up. So¬†I noticed that the Oscar nominations came out today. I haven’t seen any of the movies but I couldn’t help speculating about who will win, and who will get divorced before the year’s even six months old. They’ve figured out that there is a connection, you know. Between winning the Oscar and a divorce shortly thereafter. It seems to happen mostly to the Best Actress winner than any other category. But I suspect it can happen to anyone. This year, my money is on Brad Pitt. He’s up for Best Actor and Best Movie and a whole bunch of other stuff for MoneyBall.¬† At the same time, his darling Angelina’s been snubbed. Not only did she not win the Golden Globes, but now she is not even nominated for an Oscar for her film, In the Land of Blood and Honey, for best foreign film. Why have they shown her such little love with this project? They didn’t do that to George Clooney. He’s made the jump from acting to producing to directing, to writing. And he’s still show so much respect. But Angelina gets no love and respect even though her film is supposedly quite good. Poor thing. Anyways, with Brad up for all these awards for Moneyball, I wonder how that is going to play out. She is going to have to get all dressed up and top that dress she wore at Globes (which will be all but impossible) and act happy for him. But this is going to cause friction. Angelina has said herself, “we are very competitive with each other.” At the time, I am sure that was playful. But the stakes have changed considerably. I don’t know if the relationship will be able to handle this diss — especially if Brad wins.
But we’ll see. Other nominees can be found at Oscar.com. I really can’t remember who they are. I know George Clooney was nominated, as was Meryl Streep, Viola Davis and, I think, Woody Allen, Michele Williams and Glenn Close….Maybe Brad and George will get a BFF divorce. They are up against each other in the same category for best actor. I always sensed that George and Brad were slightly competitive. So maybe that’s the Oscar curse this year. Stay tuned….
Well, let me run off to do some serious work…I started a curse diet today, speaking of curses. I give myself a 3 curse and you’re out rule for the day. I’ve already said 7 curses, though, so that means for the next two days, I can’t even utter one….
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