Ashton parties in Brazil (well, he's back in L.A. now) while Demi's post-divorce depression almost leads her to kill herself; Seal jets off to South of France

Between Ashton and Seal it’s a toss up of who is less shook up by his divorce. Is this just masculine insensitivity? These two guys are out there acting as if their marriage was nothing and their divorce was even less. While Demi Moore was in Los Angeles smoking herself to a dangerous comfort zone (the actress was hospitalized for having convulsions after “smoking something” according to a recently released 911 call), Ashton was photographed at photo shoots in Brazil, smiling as if he had no cares in the world. He looked almost emancipated.
Meanwhile, Seal was off in the South of France, decked out in blinding white from Head to Toe (except for his fingernails which were painted black with nail polish..what is up with the nail polish???) and he was beaming like a starlight looking like he just won the lottery, or something.
I don’t understand it. How do these guys seem so happy when they just saw their marriages fall off a cliff? Didn’t they have any feeling for their wives and families? Or are they posing? Or What?